Anarchy sucks, but I feel it's my task to write about it since nobody else has it right.

Anarchy is the principle that society should be self-ruled and self-organized. It is a fix to everything viewed as wrong by many people: social barriers (color, class, religion), dominance and power, and oppression. It assumes that the people in the anarchist system want true freedom...the freedom to live one's life free of law and inhibition. That is why anarchy will not work in our stage of development.

Society NEEDS something to oppress it. Anarchists are so gung-ho on screaming about how everyone is being oppressed, but people are oppressing themselves. The media isn't shoving things down people's throats...people are sitting around with their mouths wide open, praying that somebody will shove capitalist rhetoric down their throats. Religion doesn't force people to do things, people listen to what religion tells them because they have no greater purpose to devote themselves to. Media, religion, government, laws...these are all escapes; shelters from the unknown. Not destructive forces of infinite power. How did these systems become so large and influential? Everyone decided to take part.

The reason political anarchists do not realize this is because they are so fixated on victim mentality. "We are being oppressed. It's THEM doing it to US. The system is corrupt." What they don't realize is that the system isn't some separate entity oppressing us and micro-managing our lives...the system IS us. We are the system. Everyone on this planet is "the system".

Truth is, We already have political anarchy, but the people have chosen to let someone else deal with governing so they can do their jobs.We ALREADY make our own rules and live by them. And of course the system is's comprised soley of people. Maybe instead of fighting for freedom on behalf of those who don't want it, people should be trying to realize their own freedom.

Anarchy sucks because it's a whole philosophy based on victim mentality. People use it as a shield to hide their own fear of realizing true freedom for themselves. They blame government and society for keeping them from doing the things they want to do. They blame the laws for restricting them. Read some anarchist's full of's and don'ts. It's full of ways to deal with criminals and those who don't do their share of work. Full of ideas on how goods should be transported and how communication infrastructures should be set up, how neighborhoods will be divided and how food will be shared. Sound familiar? It should, it exists everywhere you look. Anarchy will never give us anything we don't already have, and it cannot change the fact that at our very core, we are hierarchical creatures.

If you want an example of personal freedom, look at Gandhi. He didn't whine about being oppressed, he just went about his business peacefully and non-violently. One man was able to topple an immense power structure without ever striking one blow. He did this by realizing his own personal freedom. This is the most powerful freedom, and it's something anarchy can never deliver.

Freedom cannot be given or taken. Freedom comes from within.