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  • Scud said

    Jul 4, 2020 @ 3:21 am

    I went to high school for 5 years. I hated guys like that weirdo. I would have made that weirdo my bitch!

  • Todd said

    Jul 1, 2020 @ 6:34 am

    When I was in high school one of my classmates was a little too chummy with the principal. They would hang out on the weekend eating pizza and watching movies. My classmate was really weird and annoying. I think he touched the principal’s peepee and made out. Years later they now work together.

  • Marina Oswald said

    Jun 29, 2020 @ 3:14 am

    My former husband, Lee Harvey Oswald, did not kill JFK. I have proof and will be releasing it in this esteemed board. I will tell you right now Lee was having hot man action during the shooting and was huffing the farts of a co-worker. The only “shots” that came from the sixth floor were extremely loud farts.

  • Coomer said

    Jun 28, 2020 @ 4:14 am

    In America, some people want small mommy gf with small milky. But, we need to make sure that the tent is big enough for biggy milky and penis. My god, I need this so bad.

  • amy said

    Jun 27, 2020 @ 10:22 pm

    uhh what's up

  • Dumpster Dan said

    Jun 25, 2020 @ 7:28 am

    Today at work I shit my pants. Some deranged weirdo came over to me and began sniffing my ass like a dog. I could also see he was sporting an erection! What the fuck?

  • Kurt said

    Jun 22, 2020 @ 9:07 am

    Rok Hard, the best nude leapfrog technique is to rip ass in the face of the guy you are leapfrogging when your ass is mere inches from that guy's nose. It does not matter whether the leapfrogged man belches into the anus of the man who leapfrogged him, although it could spice things up! Last week, I saw a big white guy in his late-20's who was wearing a Chicago Cubs game jersey with no pants. He leapfrogged over a pudgy, dorky-looking guy who was was wearing huge late-1980s era headphones and a Cubs hat - the big guy timed a fart perfectly so that his bare ass was maybe two inches from the other guy's nose during a nude leapfrog jump!

  • Studz McKenzie said

    Jun 22, 2020 @ 2:20 am

    That is one insanely erotic idea! Can you imagine rubbing assholes and both people fart at the same time? If lesbians have scissoring we can have asshole rubbing! So many hot options. I might do this tonight and try a Monroe transfer!

  • JewveBeenFramed said

    Jun 21, 2020 @ 7:29 pm

    Hi fellow queers. Do any of you guys remember the show To Catch a Predator? The show has a lot of degenerate homosexuals looking to hook up with teens (instead of just wanting to parade around in public performing sexual acts in front of them like any normal gay) and some of the chats have some crazy ideas we could steal for example. The Degenerate Rabbi David Kaye has this to say to the decoy
    “ REDBD [05:07 PM]: i like sucking and being sucked
    REDBD [05:08 PM]: i like ot kiss
    MadC Rad1992 [05:08 PM]: i wanna try that
    REDBD [05:08 PM]: and rub assholes”

    I propose we all start to rub assholes to replace shaking hands. I believe that it would be hot as hell and maybe we can pass some wicked new stds via asshole to asshole contact!

  • Rok Hard said

    Jun 19, 2020 @ 11:23 pm

    Hello fellow ass aficionados! I have a question regarding proper leapfrog etiquette. I for one say that proper decorum is for someone to leapfrog another, receive an anus belch, then blast ass in that persons face. Others argue with me and say one should leapfrog, tip ass, then receive an anus belch. In some parts of the queer community this question is creating mass division and I’ve even seen a few demented queers wearing tshirts depicting what they believe to be proper technique. Please chime in and offer your thoughts on this incredibly important and pressing matter!

  • Kurt said

    Jun 18, 2020 @ 10:57 am

    Hey gang, I was at a Corona-turd Jai Alai competition last night which had a new set of rules. Instead of firing their Coronavirus turds at a wall with their jock straps, there was instead a guy in a field who stood about 75 feet away and the players tried to hit him with their feces! The guy in the field had a poofy white man's afro and was wearing pink Zubaz pants. Apparently the man in the field is known as a "catcher." One of the competitors was very skilled and managed to hit the catcher right in the face with his feces, which was awesome! The next guy managed to nail the catcher right in the junk with a meaty turd, which made me laugh!!

  • Pepperoni Pete said

    Jun 18, 2020 @ 8:10 am

    I’m so glad our heinous pepperoni coronafart campaign seems to have lit up the numbers in states like Texas and Arizona! We queers are really doing a solid job helping spread COVID-19 like wildfire! I haven’t had this much fun since AIDS came out!

  • JewveBeenFramed said

    Jun 17, 2020 @ 6:52 pm

    A lot of seriously hot ideas regarding independent queer states across America and soon the world. The glass walls in the casino has got me thinking. We should be able to force all the heterosexuals and especially their children to watch our deranged queer antics I propose that all walls in any Anus Zone be made from glass.

  • Toxic Tom said

    Jun 17, 2020 @ 2:47 am

    Thanks for that hot tip Kurt! Today I went down to city hall here in San Fran. I demanded the city hand over Alcatraz Island for Anus Land. The people there laughed at me and told me that LGBT rights were “so 1995” and that they didn’t care about my demands. They claimed that they are saving Alcatraz island for BLM and Antifa who are the new darlings of the San Fran mayors office! I was infuriated! I had dreamed of us finally having land of our own where we could frolick nude, wear our pee strained jock straps, huff each others farts, and engage in levels of debauchery not yet even dreamed of! Much of our hot action could be watched by hetero’s and their families through the giant glass windows in our casino. Instead it seems our dreams have been crushed. We are no longer the oppressed in the minds of the world. Instead the oppressed are peaceful looters who burn down buildings and assassinate police officers. This shall not stand!

  • Kurt said

    Jun 16, 2020 @ 8:25 pm

    Just to let everyone know, there was a punk cover band playing during a nude leapfrog competition last night in the Anus Zone area of Portland. In case you wonder who won this competitive endeavor, I have to say that everyone was a winner! I was standing 25 feet away and I certainly smelled it when a big fat guy ripped a wet fart in random stranger's face right after leapfrogging him. There was also some type of Jai Alai slingshot competition I had never seen before - three guys lined up about 50 feet away from a white wall. They were each completely nude except for a jock strap which was worn with the pouch portion covering their ass cracks instead of their balls. Then they each took a big dump into the jock strap pouch and then used the jock strap as a Jai Alai scoop to fire their turds at the white wall! One guy managed to hit 25 feet up on the wall with a particularly meaty turd!!!

  • JewveBeenFramed said

    Jun 16, 2020 @ 10:08 am

    Andrew, don’t be a homophobe this is a safe space for homosexuals to discuss opening our own autonomous zone to get away from homophobes and peaceful rioters. Before the homo colonisation of this guestbook it was a complete drag with the most unerotic content I’ve ever read. It is now a veritable gay bar of tales of degeneracy. I hope one day you get to witness me twirling dildos while getting pleasure from a fat dude dressed as Me Belding in front of you happy family forcing your young children to watch while you’re forced to clap and state how brave I am.

    If you can’t contribute with ideas I will have to give you corona with a massive smelly fart.

  • andrew said

    Jun 16, 2020 @ 4:59 am

    jesus christ you have a lot of time on your hands.

  • Toxic Tom said

    Jun 16, 2020 @ 3:03 am

    I’m still loving the Alcatraz idea, mixed with the idea of having gambling as well. We could easily take over that island and name it Anus Land. Queers only! But to support our degenerate lifestyles we need piles of cash. We could do that by opening a casino in part of the old prison. Since a ferry service that already transports 1.4 million people per year to the island we would have no problem getting people on and off the island. We of course would demand that the cost of ferry transportation and upkeep be paid for by San Francisco. We would also make them pay for our casino to be built. We would then take all the profits and spend them on essentials like tons of gay porn, anal lube, and poppers. The straights allowed in the casino would not be allowed on the rest of Anus Land. That would be for queers only! We would have our own little queer police force that would dole out harsh lessons to anyone breaking the rules! I’m going to keep working on this idea.

  • JewveBeenFramed said

    Jun 15, 2020 @ 4:37 pm

    Today I tried to plant the rainbow flag in a local park to officially found our Gay autonomous zone but within seconds of planting the flag instead of a rush of queers running into the park to naked leap frog and swap aids strains a large peaceful black rapper with dreadlocks and his “cru” peacefully pulled a gun on me and renamed the zone to Fuck Whitey zone. They have now kicked me out of the zone for being a “cracker faggot”. I thought these BLM people were tolerant and peaceful. Seems there is no place in America now for a group of gay men to come together, wear piss stained jockstraps on our faces and get up to all kinds of deranged homo shinanigans in public preferably in front of children!

  • Kurt said

    Jun 15, 2020 @ 4:31 am

    The gay community absolutely deserves its own reservation land! I would love to live in Anusville, the capital city in Anus Land!!! The gay community has given so much to America, such as art, fashion, and AIDS - we need our own land where we can frolick and prance around with playing nude leapfrog in full view of families with young children. We will also have casinos to make money like they do on Indian lands. The casinos will be all nude and the bathrooms will be a hot scene where anything goes!!!! There’s also nothing more exciting than playing nude leapfrog and ripping ass in a random dude’s face while a nice wholesome family is having a picnic 20 feet away.