Hate mail

Nothing warms my heart more than a mailbox full of angry letters from morons who don't know what punk is. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those that do have small enough brains to disagree with me, without you assholes this site wouldn't be what it is today. Punk is basically just fashion and if you think otherwise then FUCK YOU.

If this website has pissed you off in any way, you can let me know how hurt your pathetic feelings are by emailing me at derrp@howtobepunk.com. Please note that it can take me up to 6 years for me to respond, as most of you aren't worth my time.


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    Any mous <strangerthings1931@gmail.com>

    Jun 24, 2018 - You do know punk is not just about fashion punk is about being punk inside and out punk is also about indivisualism and rebellion and fashion of course dumbass

    And of course the music


    and my monstrous penis.

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    mike and jen <rancidmike88@yahoo.com>

    Feb 11, 2011 - ha dude u have to b the biggest faggot on the internet


    yes, this is me http://bit.ly/1eU71en

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    Drew Doxtater <smith1666@hotmail.com>

    Jul 30, 2009 - First off! most of the bands u mention, are just people that are trying to claim punk and fit in with a fashion and or make another new trend and their NOT EVEN CLOSE to destroying the Oi!/punk scene. Their just as dumb as you, yer a piece of shit for posting this web site, yer just like the fucking media telling stereotypical lies. Some idiots buy into this fucking shit too .u might know the definition of sub-culture and punk and Oi . but i know what is it is, and i live it ! and what the fuck is up with yer racist stereotypes, trying to put a label on people that look this way or that way, i oda kick u in the face if i ever see you

    Just a little taste of the truth, of why ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS

    April 12, 2007
    antiago, Chile- The Youth Socialist Party Headquarters were firebombed by anarchists. They delivered a statement, reading, in part:

    "These incendiary flames are an immediate response to the declaration of endorsement given by the Socialist Party to the brutal police repression against anti-authoritarian youths that took place on March 29th, which demonstrated, once again, that the police are no more than assassins paid by the state that is today administered and led by this corrupt party.

    From the start of this "democratic" and capitalist dictatorship, the socialist party has been responsible for betraying, coercing, imprisoning and assassinating the youths who struggled in the ‘90s and on, becoming heirs of the military dictatorship...

    We make a call to all those that resist, from direct confrontation against capitalism and those who protect it. To continue extending and diversifying the struggle and propaganda to destroy bourgeois society; and to obtain self-determination over our lives.

    Last night a youth was killed by the bullets of a cop... Now the cover-up operation: to blame any other young person; to hide police terrorism with declarations, reports and stories by the liars of the press. This they do. But the police and their bosses will pay for this new cowardly murder. For each act of aggression, our transgressive action...

    We will never conform for the crumbs of the state. All who participate or want to participate in the feast of the state are our declared enemies. To them we send our active hatred.

    The Insurrectionary Youth Will Put an End to the Reformist Youth

    Fuerza Autónomas y Destructivas León Czolgosz (Autonomous and Destructive Force León Czolgosz)"



    ah yes, the typical acab sludge one can find in any anarchist journal. cops have killed people. terrorists have killed people (and occasionally firebomb buildings!!), construction workers have killed people, senior citizens have killed people, lawyers, small business owners, trees, water...murderers!! LETS TEAR IT ALL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are you serious?

    Miley K Erickson <flight_8152much@yahoo.com>

    Jun 15, 2009 - Oh.My.Gosh. Since when did wearing certain items of clothing and certain $80 dollar shoes become punk? No one gives a crap what kind of shoes you wore, let alone how much they were. THAT is so prep. Since when did your site become the most correct, information filled, haven of the phrase, 'How To Be Punk'? You really need to do some homework. I have read the first page of your hate mail, and I have noticed something. That something being that you attack people and you never give a logical, MATURE answer. You call them names for being a poser when, most likely, you have never even MET them before. Sure, there are a lot of poser punks out there, but not all are posers. Oh, yes, and saying that Thrift Shops were for 'dirty poor kids' was totally wrong. I am not bragging or anything, but I am very well off, and my family LOVES Salvation Army, Goodwill, Pawn Shops, and Rummages. In fact, I hate spending $50 for a simple white shirt that I have to toss in a few months. Why go to all that trouble when I can get a nice white shirt for 2 bucks at a thrift shop, bring out my creative side, and make my own shirt instead of giving money to the dumb, greedy idiots out there? Punk is not about how much you spent on this or that, where you got this $100 shirt, etc. What you are describing in this site is how to think like a prep, look like a punk...

    Have a WONDERFUL day,
    miley k.


    miley, ur email was fucking stupid. dont send me shit like this. i only respond to well thought out messages, not mindless dribble like this.


  • Hatemail :D

    Jacob Leiper <jacobleiper@hotmail.com>

    May 14, 2009 - The only way I can justify this is if its a big joke, I mean someone who looks up "how to be punk" is destined to be a poser. I'm going to take a few quotes from your REALLY real punk section and explain whats wrong. first off "Anarchy...what is it? Who the fuck cares! The sex pistols sang about it, and all the other punks seem to like it, so why not jump on the bandwagon?".......... seriously jump on the bandwagon this is what the dk's were talking about when they make the song chickenshit conformist's punk is being made into just another fad by people like you and anarchy = Independent from rule or authority just FYI its to be agenst corruption. ok this is taking up more space then I hoped so only two more. "Make sure you complain about oppression and capitalism, but never suggest alternatives...just complain, like liberals" ok, anarchy is the alternitive dipshit. it dosnt mean go crazy and burn things down. "As you can see, being punk is about appearance and proving to everyone just how punk you are." fucking poser. you basicly say to copy other punks and agree with what they say thats what a poser is. the main point is there are many beleifs within the anarchist/punk and all of them center around indipendence not copying the first "punk" you seethis is why punk is dieing.

    Go fuck yourselve, Jacob


    jacob, im sure youre just trying to help, please keep your mouth shut if you dont know anything about punk (its obvious you dont).