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  • Amanda said

    Feb 3, 2006 @ 12:34 am

    I totally knew I was punk all along. So I had to read diz site.

    lmfao. i love the site.

  • andrew said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 11:46 pm, lets make out.

  • Liz said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 6:42 pm

    To the author of this site:
    I think I love you =d
    This was some funny shit
    I m goin out 2 by sum sk8 clothes now bcuz of dis site.

  • James said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 5:22 pm

    Hah! Anti-poser tongue-in-cheek humor! I LOVE IT! For the idiots who don&#039;t realize it, the site&#039;s maker is being sarcastic. Punk is a state of mind, not a fashion statement. However, posers don&#039;t realize this, and so we have places like this site, places where people make sarcastic remarks making fun of dumbass posers.

  • Scott said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 4:47 pm

    Like some of you might have seen there are FUCKING pussy bands who think that theyre PUNX like good charlette i dont know how the spell it and simple plan i mean what the fuck theyre not PUNK!!!!!!!!!!! Punk is CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION not about sings a song so fucking gay!!!!!

    FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • fn jesus said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 10:25 am

    sara i agree F&#039; the system

  • Moe said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 9:52 am

    OmGZ wats wrong with j00
    punx isnt about music itz abot cloze!you think ppl just choose 2 listen to super punx rawk bands leik good charolett and simple plan. NO those bands have to choose the tru punx and shoot them with their punx beam. thats how ppl no ur punx!!!!

    os- andrew i still wanna touch your penis i deserve it.

  • JAKE said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 8:52 am

    GIGSANATOR,why the fuck are you so fucking angry man, This site is a fucking bit of fun, The only fucking people who get so fucking angry are the fucking twats who take it so fucking seriously. Get to the fucking punkrock store and fucking buy some fucking punk to cheer your, fucking self up. FUCK i&#039;m glad I got that off my fucking chest, HE HE.

  • Sarah said

    Feb 2, 2006 @ 8:00 am

    This site makes me unbeleivably happy. its so funny! FUCK THE SYSTEM!


    Feb 1, 2006 @ 9:24 pm

    your are all little fuckin pussies, go spike your hair and let your moms get off on it and drip her jizz on ure face and burn your fuckin eyes out you little fuckin pricks... i hope you all fuckin go fuck each other and quit being little faggots. You all probably like Simple fuckin Plan and fuck little dogs too while you listen to it, this site is just a waste of time just like the time your parents conceived your fuckin wastes of skin.


    Feb 1, 2006 @ 9:19 pm


  • Scott said

    Feb 1, 2006 @ 4:50 pm

    One thing i HaVe to say is FUCK EMO kids theyre nothing but fucking cry babies.OI! PUNk NoT DEAd

  • Ino said

    Feb 1, 2006 @ 3:08 pm


    this is shurely one of the most pefetic pages I have ever seen!!!

    You are so full of crap! wonderfull!
    go listen to some shity music and leave the Punk stuff out of your head!:P
    mostly thanks to people like you :P

    You know nothing about that for as far as it seems

    ey thnx for the laugh but just get a live ;)

    somewhere you called the &quot;REALY REAL PUNKS&quot; hippys, but if you knew anything that you knew that Punk is the reaction to the sissy ass hippys

  • elz said

    Feb 1, 2006 @ 1:45 pm

    lmao! well dun on dis 1, fuckin hilarious, and all da ppl dat emailed u goin oh im emo! lol dats funny, hehehehe gold star 4 u! hehe
    elz xxx

  • Morten E Denmark said

    Feb 1, 2006 @ 11:45 am

    Just pissed in my pants, this page is so FUNNY How to real punk, omfg so awsome ROFLMAO!

  • narcissist said

    Feb 1, 2006 @ 3:32 am


    i fuckin love this bands

    bowling for soup
    simple plan (the &quot;only&quot; hardcore punk band)


  • big fucking finger said

    Feb 1, 2006 @ 3:28 am

    you fucking loser.. likes talking shit, horsefaced cunt. man you dont know anything.. fucker.

    -get a life

  • thomas said

    Feb 1, 2006 @ 3:11 am

    are you a punk because the people you show as punk arent real punks, just wear tight jeans and have dumb haircuts, avril lavigne just wears lots of gothic shit. you don&#039;t even have good charlotte on there, they are real punks, not.

    great joke this site is

  • andrew said

    Jan 31, 2006 @ 11:28 pm


    &quot;because words make you punk right?(sarcasim)&quot;
    - ahh, i almost took you seriously there till you mentioned &quot;sarcasIm&quot;. very clever! i might even add some of that to my site sometime

    &quot;wasnt that the fucking hippies that just sat areond and complained??&quot;
    - yeah, all hippies did was sing songs about oppression and go to protests and stuff, thats nothing like punks. got me again.

    &quot;and i know its not about the fascion dickwad&quot;
    - get a job

    &quot;obviously you, my shitfaced friend knwo nothing abot punk&quot;
    - yeah, because i wasnt talking about people like you with that quote or anything

  • Delancy said

    Jan 31, 2006 @ 10:55 pm

    whoever made this is a fucking dumbass, What the Fuck who makes a PUNK FOR DUMMIES page goddamnit

    &quot;Everytime somebody says the word system (even if completely out of context), you have to shout &quot;FUCK THE SYSTEM!!&quot; really loud. That way, everyone knows how punk you are.&quot;
    -because words make you punk right?(sarcasim)

    &quot;Make sure you complain about oppression and capitalism, but never suggest alternatives...just complain,&quot;
    -wasnt that the fucking hippies that just sat areond and complained??

    &quot;Get a mohawk or spike your hair, otherwise you aren&#039;t punk&quot;
    -and i know its not about the fascion dickwad

    &quot; You have to be an anarchist. Anarchy = Punk. Make sure you smoke, since smoking is cool, and all anarchists smoke&quot;
    -oh my god are you stupid

    &quot;As you can see, being punk is about appearance and proving to everyone just how punk you are.&quot;
    -i want to hit you so hard

    &quot;I find it extremely funny how most people that criticize this website are themselves posers who have no idea what the fuck it means to be punk&quot;
    -obviously you, my shitfaced friend knwo nothing abot punk

    &quot;Derr it&#039;s AFI. They practically started punk with their dyed hair and makeup&quot;
    -and yet still stupid...AFI didnt come along for a little and then to say they practilly started punk, come on in there early stages they were fuck semi-Hxc

    Sincerly Delancy