Hate mail


  • hate mail!

    Paul Nguyen <pauln2325@yahoo.com>

    Oct 24, 2008 - dude you're a dumbass! since when was being punk about wearing dickies or wearing a damn shirt with a skate company on it? and wearing $80 dollar shoes? what the hell? dude this site might be better off called how to a poser. avril lavigne is not a damn punk you retard! punk is about doing whatever you want! some faget that wears abercrombie and has an afro is probably more punk than you! you don't understand a damn thing about anarchy do you? there is NO punk dress code, but an attitude code. go listen to avril lavigne you dumbass. I RECOMEND THIS SITE TO PREPPIES, POSERS, AND OTHER PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LISTEN TO A DUMBASS!


    wait, let me try this "attitude code" thing...


    can i b punk now plz?!

  • (no subject)

    Nick Schiendbien <bluedragon3k@hotmail.com>

    Sep 27, 2008 - omfg u dont know what ur talking about any real punk would agree with me. you dont understand


    any real punk would kick your ass for being a dweeb!

  • even more hate mail.

    S Talman <skippyabbot@msn.com>

    Sep 22, 2008 - punk is about being urself, and thats it. thats all punk was ment to be and all it will ever be and thats the way IT SHOULD BE!! putting down people who are 200% themselfs means u obviously have problems fitting in amongst other children so u made this sad little site to let of steam. dude, u suck ass. its as simple as that. and pissing of punks dont make u a punk, wanna know why? becuase theres a phrase amongst the punks and that is "unite to fight" not, "victimise and bully others aimlessly to make ur lonley little self feal better about ur shit life"


    um, isnt it "fight to unite"? and im not pissing off punks, im pissing off dumb morons who think theyre punk (like you) and actually have no brains. they follow others without thinking for themselves and when someone (me) challenges the foundation their world is built on top of, they defend themselves with anger because they dont have the capacity to actually come to the terms with that fact that theyre living a lie.

  • You are so amazing!!- not u r the poser blink 182 sucks

    Kelly Goss <gossk@comcast.net>

    Aug 29, 2008 - u are the bigest poser of all!!! The bands u talked about arent even punk.
    try listing to some real punk for a change!! and by the way real punks wear
    studded jackets and combat boots. if that is realy what u think U will never
    under stand or be a punk!!!! do u even know wat anarchy is? punk is about
    rebelion,freedom,chaos, and how much the government sucks!!!!!!!!!


    so, wait, real punks wear studded jackets and combat boots?! i had no idea the punk uniformed changed. when did this happen?

    thanks for the tips, ill start swearing more and wearing studded jackets and combat boots...do they sell those at hot topic yet?

  • (no subject)

    Sick Boy <punkrocksickboy@gmail.com>

    Aug 25, 2008 - dude your hearts in the right place but your mind is off in the ether. if you think the you can label and quantify punk your completly missing the message. punk isn't about what you wear, how you look, or your lifestyle. its about standing up for what you believe in, and not giving a fuck what other people think. you cant make a list of dos and donts! people can be punk without a studded jacket and mohawk. And no offense but i seriously think your hindering punk as a whole, by labeling and setting requirements. so yeah, good luck with the website.


    actually what you said made a LOT of sense...i should add "standing up for what you believe in" to the dos, and put "make dos and donts lists for punk" on the donts. i like it!

    and you're right, i am hindering punk...i really need to get some more bands like blink and sum 41 on here so people know whats ok to listen to!! good thinking.