Hate mail


  • (no subject)

    dennis couillonneur <dennisc23@hotmail.com>

    Mar 5, 2004 - yah man i went to ur website n i looked around n all i gots to say is u fukin suck u stupid fukin poser u cant tell people how to be punk or they will all be posers just like u. BITCH!!


  • You Retard

    SucKer DoG <mexrex_x4@hotmail.com>

    Feb 26, 2004 - yo bro
    wad knowledge u are teachin is about punk rockers and most of them uses coverse high-cuts.IF you want to know what are hardcore punks and all take sex pistols for example. They are hardcore punk.so dont go around disgracing the underground punks,street punk,the anarchy punks and etc. You are a poser like all the rest.
    YOU RETARD. LAme Mother Fucker


    hey man yo dats not coo dude man. dude GC is punk you poser, man. dude man you dont know what punk is man. man you is not cool dude.

  • "how to be punk"

    lisa anderson <ghettofchica@msn.com>

    Feb 24, 2004 - i was on your site looking for a new hair style and all i have to say is you fucking suck.


    waaaaa waaaa!! boohoo...you dont like my website? i guess you are too much of a poser to even try to be punk like me. just exactly what hairstyle were you looking for? a mohawk i bet, you fucking poser. why dont you listen to some real punk like sum 41 and see if you want to have a mohawk then. mohawks and spiked hair are for total losers such as yourself, so quit wasting my time with your hairstyle shit. go and die you pathetic freak. im too important to read through stupid emails i get from stupid loser poser whiny babies who dont know how to put some elmers glue in their stupid hair. if you cant be punk then quit wasting other punks time, idiot

  • fuck man

    isaac patterson <violentfemes@yahoo.com>

    Nov 30, -0001 - ha ha i had to reply to ur site and tell you how much fucking bullshit it is. you have now idea what punk is about. its about speaking your mind against wut you think is wrong through music!!!!! so cut this fucking fashion act shit and get a fucking life!!!! yeah sure i do like using the fashion. but its cause i have to make my own clothes!!! i have patches on my pants because they cover the holes in them!!! i have no money to buy from stupid hot topic and i go to the SALVO to get clothes that have other peoples name on them!!!! u see not many people are lucky like you!!! so fuck off and go suck a cock


    lucky? no no, i have a job. you should get one too, then your clothes wont stink like shit all the time. you could get pre-torn jeans at abercrombie, and sew patches onto those...blink182 patches. because thats what i do.