Hate mail


  • honnestly

    HEIDI SHERNOFF <HShernoff@verizon.net>

    Mar 31, 2008 - this is a joke site right? be honnest heer


    lol yes it iz kkthxbai

  • dood

    Nate Stacho <natedogg2410@yahoo.com>

    Mar 28, 2008 - If I wear long sleave shirts under short sleave shirts, am I punk?


    sorry, no

  • i doubt you are punk

    Ben Grim <grindcore777@gmail.com>

    Feb 25, 2008 - First off i dont know how old you are but all your responses to other peoples' mail are extremely immature and have nothing to do with what the person wrote about. All you do is try to pick out little things they say to get back at them rather than addressing the actual content they wrote about. Secondly, I really hope this website is a joke because no real punk will take you seriously and anyone who follows your advice will end up laughed at and getting the shit beaten out of them by real punks. You should rename your website to say "how to be prep punk" or "how to be pop punk" because everything you have up relates to the prep-pop-pussy genre. The only punk aspect of your site is its ability to piss off so many real punks who despise the shit you write about. I will gladly take you into a REAL circle pit to show you how pathetic you are. And no, jumping up and down at a Avil or Green Day concert is NOT a pit.

    To everyone reading this please look at everything on this site and AVOID IT! Punks stand against corporations and against any rules posted on this site. Anything that says poser on this site is the opposite of what a true poser is. Who is this guy to define what is and isnt punk? Before you look at a "how to be punk site", find out about the movement on your own, from the very first punk band MC5 to the 70's punk movement to the British Invasion to 80's America Hardcore to the 90's/00's punk revival and everything in between. Decide for yourself what you are into rather than being spoon-fed bullshit from this site. Also check out psychobilly and any other related genre too and find what suits you best.

    No one can tell you how to be punk: that's why is call "punk".


    i start circle pits you twerp. anyone who is close minded enough to get mad at my site is NOT a punk. that includes your dumb ass. anyone who follows my advice SHOULD get the shit beaten out of them.

    the fact that i piss so many people off and really don't give a shit makes me a lot more punk than you'll ever be. yes, sometimes my responses are immature because in order to communicate with people who have lower intellects, one often has to put themself into their perspective. unfortunately in your case, i can't fit my head up my ass, so sorry if i sound too smart.

  • poser!!

    Matthew Dugan <mjd1125@msn.com>

    Oct 17, 2007 - You are the biggest poser have ever heard of, you have no idea what being punk is about. get home by 7 or your mom will take your desert away? your so fucking gay. dude punk isn't just bout the fashion you retard, its bout the attitude and the music. theres a thing called anti-fashion to you retard, where the fashion doesn’t exist in bands like bad religion and pennywise, but im sure you don’t even know who they are. By the way Rancid and Nofx arent posers, go home and listen to sum faggy ass good charlot or simple plan and take down this pussey supporting web page.


    pennywise sucks ass. all they do is covers. they cant even think of any real songs to play. read my skate section d00d, you should be listening to avril, DUMBASS.

    and if youd ever had your dessert taken away, youd NEVER be out past 7...you puss spewing rectal wart licking small testicled shit gobbler.

  • (no subject)

    Gabriel Romero Dat <gg41_92@hotmail.com>

    Sep 30, 2007 - Dude, you are one royal dumb-ass, I mean...Seriously, do you think Avril Lavigne is punk? Hot Topic a real punk shop? God, you really need to get your ass out of your house. Skate-bording, gay? Vans gay? Everything gay? I think the only gay here is YOU.
    "I dont get a lot of hate mail" ?? You sure about that dickhead, 17 pages I saw of hate mail. I think you should edit that...
    So, to conclude with my "hate mail". Get a life, and stop posting crap in the internet. Especially fake crap. Someday youre gonna meet a real punk, and believe me, you wont want to be there. Ass fucking retard.

    Oh and ass-fuck, dont think youre the only glorious bitch who knows about Bowling For Soup, Green Day, Blink-182, Sum 41, etc. Have you ever heard of The Offsprings? No Use For A Name? New Found Glory? Mest? Fall Out Boy? Cartel? Taking Back Sunday? Something Corporate? Silverstein? Rufio? The Used? The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? Paramore? Papa Roach? Panic! At the disco?
    Can you tell me which are the cd's in list from Blink-182? Sum 41? Or any shit you talked about?
    You probably heard "First Date" from blink and went balistic over it and then you heard: "Punk rock 101", from Bowling for Soup and "American Idiot" from Green day, and then you inmediatly thought you were punk cuz...YOU HEARD IT! Shut your fucking mouth full of crap and get a real life you ass fucking poser.


    hahaha "The Offsprings"? and whats wrong with avril? shes hot...