Hate mail


  • hate mail

    Ramsey Vigney <ramseyvigney@yahoo.com >

    May 6, 2009 - hey fuckhead....basicly your a dumbass and everything else....are u fucking retarded punk is about being how u wanna be and dressing how u want to dress...so if you had any fucking brains u would take down ure website because obiously no one is following ure dumb ass laws and for the record the adicts is the most punk band in the uk....and pennywise is a bunch of douche bags.......stupid kid..u dont know anything about punk.....


    omgosh, ur rite, ive been so wrong all these years. ill taik down mai site!!! im so sry i made you feel bad about urself! i thought punks were tuff but i guess there actually big fucking asswipe crybabys and its not kewl to make fun of them! bcuz theyr feelings get hurt!

  • hey queer do you remember me?

    <torquekid13@aim.com >

    May 4, 2009 - im one of those stupid 14 year olds who actually managed to get you to shut your fat fucked retarded ass loud mouth. do you mind explaining to me why you feel the need to fuck with punks? is it because you have no life and instead of sitting and feeling sorry for your ugly ass, contemplating suicide,like some fagit fuckin emo, you gotta fuck with ppl. i guess by your qualifications im a skate punk i think its funny that your so bored you classify ppl. your a nerd with no life you stupid queer.


    who is more the fool...the punk who makes fun of morons, or the dipshit 14 year old who also has no life and goes on punk websites believing and getting angry at everything he reads and emailing people about how hurt his feelings are?

  • this is a hate mail

    Danica Klas aka mr kitty <danicaklas@gmail.com>

    Apr 20, 2009 - so i was looking up something about punks and i thought ahha ima look at this site

    and all the sudden i started reading. you basically are being sarcastic about the whole fucking thing!!!!

    you are the one who is the fucking poser

    hot topic is for rich little emo faggots

    thrift stores are my homeboy, im not a dirty little poor kid!!!
    they are actually where punk orginated!!!

    example of a REAL punk

    Sid vicious- i bet since your such a poser that you dont even know who the hell that is!!!

    "posers are the ones who hang out on the streets and go to shows"
    thats like saying

    "posers are the ones who dont go out and take risks and enjoy life, and dont actually dream of moshin in a pit or something at a real show
    no 'real' punks are the ones who stay home all day makin sure they dont have fun!"

    a poser is someone who just talks about going to shows and makin a mess, but not actually doing it!! your fuckin retarded.

    the casualties are not posers they are part of the stream that started it all!!!
    skateboarding has nothing to do with punks,posers or even skaters, its a sport that ANYONE can do
    and it is not gay!!!

    i wouldnt call myself a punk. but what your saying is a real punk is bullshit!!!

    so fuck off and go and eat your cum buddy!!!!


    posers are the ones who send me emails telling me im a poser, which is obviously fucking bullshit since im the most punk person in the universe. and seriously, whats NOT gay about skateboarding? maybe you should think things through a bit before sending people stupid emails...


  • how to be a punk - a contradiction

    Jimbo <jimbly@telus.net>

    Jan 12, 2009 - Don't you think it's not really punk to have a manual on how be punk?


    Yet somehow it's the punkest thing I've ever done.

  • (no subject)

    MELANIE ABRAHAM <ma007t3443@blueyonder.co.uk>

    Nov 10, 2008 - You are the biggest cock I have ever come across. The Stupids were one of the biggest influences on British punk ever and the U.K stake scene.

    You need to do some homework. You are a little boy who likes pop music. You knowledge is so limited it’s a joke. If the web sight is a testament to your intelligence then you are a FUCKING MORON.


    i'm a little boy who likes pop, yet knows an insane amount about underground 80s punk. my knowledge is sooo limited, that i couldn't possibly know about bands like the stupids...wait.

    have you tried thinking about this?!

    if your email is a testament to the size of your brain, it would rattle in a flea's skull.