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    EDDIE GARCIA <punkforlife823@msn.com>

    Aug 15, 2007 - you are one dumb bloody cunt, you stereotypical dumb shit... learn your fucking facts man, if this website is for "cool people" then fuck your people, I hope they get a fuck brick dropped on their heads and get some fucking sense knocked into them.... punks not about being cool, nor is it a fashion, punk was not made to fit a trend or a fucking mold, its about being yourself, so start learning up bitch, and get some fucking facts straight you fat fucker


    fuck dude, you're so fucking right. frickin fuck man, how could i fucking be so fucking stupid? fuck! im so fucking glad you fucking pointed out that fucking im so fucking stereotypical. ill fucking try to learn from your fucking email not to fucking be such fucking a fucking douche. i fucking think fucking ill fucking delete fucking my fucking site fucking so fucking i fucking can fucking be fucking more fucking like fucking you. youre fucking so fucking cool.

  • You Are fucking retarted


    Aug 1, 2007 - Punk is not about wearing dickies or tight pants or studded belts, that's all a fashion statement. Music has nothing to do with it either, its all in your beliefs and thoughts. So get off your ass, stop going to Hot Topic and Pac Sun and get a life. Also, Bowling For Soup, Green Day, Blink 182 and ect are all Pop Punk. Punk music are bands like Cheap Sex, The Exploited, The Virus, Rancid, Aus Rotten, Toxic Narcotic, Operation Ivy, The Addicts, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, The Unseen, The Casualties, The Aka's, and Ect. I could go on all day, but I'm not going to waste my time on fuckers like you. You are a disappointment to punks around the world, and even a disappointment to POSERS even. No you didn't hurt my feeling, lower my self esteem, Make me cry, or alter my mood in any mind changing way. I'm just speaking my mind freely and not giving a fuck about you or your trendy ass poser pop punk fucking friends. I do what I do because I believe its right, I protest to make a change in this bullshit place we call a world and to get rid of stupid fuck's trying to preach to the world when they have no fucking idea what their talking about. And Those people are You. I don't think your funny or silly, you are just a god damn fucking retard. So go fuck yourself.


    if you don't give a fuck, why'd you bother emailing me? pull your head out of your ass.

    thanks for all the "punk" bands, i'll make sure to list them in the section that explains how much they suck. all the 14 year olds who come to my site will believe my lies and punk will finally die. finally.

  • Horrible...

    Will Linton <kill_culture@yahoo.com>

    Jul 31, 2007 - I'm not going to waste my time on a fucker like you so let's keep this short. I stumbled on your website and was horrified. You contradict yourself every five sentences. You're not punk. You're a mainstream piece of shit. I want you to just go ahead and use a cheap insult against me now. If you don't have something smart and snappy you just say you never read the letter. But then again you can always call me a dumbass or something. Go ahead motherfucker. Make me cry...

    P.S. Punk is what I say...


    sorry dude, but you wasted your time the second you decided to bother sending me an email. point for me. also, i made you angry...i control your emotions. another point. haha you suck.

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    Jasmine Mingus <jazzerman93@yahoo.com>

    Jun 27, 2007 - OK loser,
    HAH your site is a disgrace. You are trying to tell people on how to be punk when you dont even know how to be punk yourself..YOU ARE THE POSER HERE!
    I was reading some of your bullshit and I have noticed you said

    "Anarchy...what is it? Who the fuck cares! The sex pistols sang about it, and all the other punks seem to like it, so why not jump on the bandwagon? Be sure to shout "ANARCHY!!" at random people. This will show them that you mean business and you aren't just playing around."

    Why would you scream out ANARCHY when dont even know the true purpose of Anarchy?
    That has POSER written ALL OVER IT! What are you going to say when someone asks you what it means hmm? Now you look like a poser/dumbass when you give the wrong answer..

    ANOTHER thing I noticed on your lame ass website that one of your pages you go off and say Dont wear studded jackets and cheap clothes and dont make your own clothes because thats what a posers do, dont spyke your hair because thats poserish, and dont wear combat boots because that is poserish aswell, BUT on another page you clearly write

    "First things first...forget hot topic and pop culture. You have to start making your own clothes now. Why? Well, nobody really knows, but it's pretty cool anyway. You have to get a vest or a leather jacket and stud it."

    "Get a mohawk or spike your hair, otherwise you aren't punk."

    "Wear second-hand combat boots or skinhead doc martins"

    Wow.. that really didnt make any sense at all to me OR you are just a hipocrit? You dont try to point out punk and then switch it up.. you dont make any sense to me at all! like I said your are the only poser on here my friend.

    Now you say,

    "This is Avril Lavigne! What a conformist! You should ALWAYS complain about how much you hate her even though you spend hundreds of dollars trying to look like her. Nevermind that, though. What a conformist!"

    THEN go off on another page saying..

    "Wow! Here she is! It's Avril Lavigne! She's obviously doing her pre-sk8 stretches. Wow, she's amazing. Note the wrist sweat band. Always worship Avril. Be sure to request her CD's at PacSun."

    MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN MIND!!! Do you hate her? or do you envy her inside but dont want anybody to know? Please tell me what you are tyring to point out here...

    ANOTHER thing you said on your pathetic website..

    "Derr it's AFI. They practically started punk with their dyed hair and makeup."

    Sorry to tell you this, but no, AFI didnt start punk AT ALL! If it was anybody who started REAL punk then your poser ass shit it would probably be The Sex Pistols or The Ramones or any other band then AFI!

    PLEASE grow up, you want to be a "cool kid" or "popular" well your waisting your time!

    BE YOURSELF! you dont need to copy punks to be cool! and you surely dont need to be a punk to fit in...

    GROW UP!!!!!!

    I am sure I will be hearing from you soon,




    Thanks for writing. It's always great to hear from my fans. I didn't have time to read your whole email, but I'm glad you liked it!

    uP dUh PuNx!!


  • waste of air

    G T P Morrison <judo_boy_1@hotmail.com>

    Jun 11, 2007 - u fucking retard u dont know the meaning of punk! ive met flowers more punk then u! if u knew the first thing about being punk maybe so many people wouldnt get so fucking pissed off! get a life dude!


    wow i never thought about how what i was doing might piss people off. if i was a true punk, i would make a website that everybody could relate to and didnt make anyone mad. i got so caught up in all this glory that i forgot what being a punk was really about...from now on ill never voice any of my opinions because it might hurt peoples feelings (like it did to you). either way though, i doubt any flowers know about bowling for soup or greenday.