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    Paul Lerarp <rocco_15_@hotmail.com>

    Sep 2, 2006 - Even though you are an ass and listen to shitty bands i could not call you a poser. I am sick of people saying that non-conforming means conforming on another level. That you are conforming to &quot;punk&quot;. Use you brain for a second here. Non-conformity means not conforming to the MAJORITY. That is what it means so don&#039;t tyr to change it to not confroming to every single thing in the universe because that is impossible and would make the word dull. The people who coined the term had a brain thought, and knew it meant to not confrom to the ideals or fashion of society or the dominant group. Fucks like you have changed it. Therefore one can be a non-conformist and part of a counter-culture. If punk came to be the majority then there would be a contradiction in it and irony.

    good luck with your i&#039;m to punk to be punk and don&#039;t give a shit thing. Meanwhile the rest of us will unite, and if that goes against punk then so be it, we will have started something new and left you behind.


    hahaha...unite. thats a laugh. no really, im laughing. ok now what you said:

    &quot;If punk came to be the majority then there would be a contradiction in it and irony.&quot; duhh. thats where i come in. take a second look, cheech. oh and have fun with your AWESOME new subculture. im sure it wont end up like punk did...

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    Hayley Rocks :D <theres.no.return.from.86@hotmail.com>

    Aug 31, 2006 - Okay...

    Punk is dead. It was those kids in the 70&#039;s. They didn&#039;t try to be anything they&#039;re not and got the label. And they didn&#039;t do anything you have on this site.
    But if you think it&#039;s punk and your punk and your happy the way you are I guess that&#039;s all that matters. But that doesn&#039;t stop the rest of us laughing at you.


    trust me...the joke&#039;s on you.

  • poser!

    Beth Boulter <beth.boulter@earthlink.net>

    Aug 13, 2006 - Listen dude your site is stupid you have no clue what your talking about and you cant tell ppl how to be punk because every punk is different they thisk differently and have different styles and opinions.

    Oh and whats this about women cant be punk!!!!

    you freaking sexist

    punk isn’t about style its about beliefs and you need to shut up

    oh and you know what I am punk and the ramones rock



    you are stupid, and the ramones suck. any punk who isnt exactly like me ISNT PUNK. end of story. oh and women can be punks huh? i suppose youll tell me next that trees and rocks can be punk. hehehe you suck.

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    sam hopkins <shopkins_05@hotmail.com>

    Aug 13, 2006 - ARE YOU A FUCKING RETARD... i&#039;m a punk my friends call me that my parents call me that and my band calls it self that... i stumbled onto thi site thinking what the fuck is this guy gonna say and u fullfiled my expectations... this is a bucnh of shit this site... you are the biggest poser i have ever seen in my life and theyre fucking scum... you care what other peopple think? &#039;punk is mainstream&#039;? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT U DUMB SHIT punk has been linked to rebelious, i-dont-care-what-anyody-thinks behaviour. YOU ARE NOT THIS first of all u made a site about punk... POSERES DO THAT its there only way of coming across punk when in real life they are filthy posers... second of all - the romones not being punk - there the fathers of punk.. they shaped it - FUCKING SIMPLE PLAN IS NOT PUNK, THATS POSER PUNK and only posers think poser punk is true punk - when i think punk i think of hard out fast beat riffs on a dirty distortion and lyrics belted out telling people i dont care what the fuck you think so get over it, when i think of simple plan however - i think of whinging brats who have never experienced anything like living on the streets because your parents kicked you out, cause u left school at 15 i dont think of teens drinking on the street and fucking up anything they want cause they just dont care about what people think of them.. punk is not a fasion statement.. posers argue that.. but its not... u cant teach someone punk... and u certainly cant judge what what punk is.. i guess if you were true punk you would certainly know that.. YOUR A FUCKING POSER im out


    oh shit this kid is punk because his parents call him that. well my pet turtle says im punk. he also says youre a dipshit. being punk is about living out on the streets and drinking every night? actually i think thats called &quot;being total fucking worthless scum&quot;. have you even moved out of your parents house yet? hehe youre the type of person i made this site to torment. thanks for being so easy to manipulate. fucking loser, you have no mind of your own. youre slave to the worthless traditions and habits of the subculture you claim to belong to, and you cant take it when someone challenges your view. i thought punk was about challenging and evolving and smashing the rules...man what was i thinking? its about drinking in the streets. well, have fun with that.

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    matt holland <trustthevoices@hotmail.co.uk>

    Aug 13, 2006 - dude, u need 2 get a clue. punk isnt about ur cloths or ur hair, itz a fucking attitude and a way of life. u say ur a punk bt u basically take the piss out of every kind of punk on ur site. n this iz probably because u dont have the balls to do it 2 there face. u wanna tell people what a poser lookz like, jst put a fukin pic of urself up, u stupid fuckin wanker.


    i take the piss out of people to their faces all the time. for instance if you were in front of me right now, id tell you that you need to learn how to fucking spell, you need to grow some pubes before voicing your opinion, and the fact that you think the people im making fun of are actual punks makes you a total fucktard