Hate mail


  • dude u loser

    Joseph St. John <gigottago@msn.com>

    May 19, 2006 - I just wanted to say you sit here whining about all the people who don’t know how to be punk why are they complaining to me blah blah blah, you aren&#039;t punk, you are just an emo bitch. so why don’t you make a new site called I try to teach punk and im really emo, because that’s what you are. now you may go cut yourself and cry some more, goodbye emo kid.
    your friend, not


    how about this, ill make a site called &quot;JOE is cool...NOT, hes a retard.com&quot; why dont you go cry about my website you pathetic loser. waaaa some guy made a website that makes fun of me so ill send him hate mail and pretend im not a dumbass waaaa. joe dont forget to tell your mommy to change your diapers. omg youre so punk, telling me im emo, i wish i was like you. i wish i could email people and call them emo, but i just dont have the balls. i wish i had the time to look up websites on how to be punk so i wouldnt be so emo, but alas, i actually have a job, so it doesnt work out that way. guess im stuck being emo till the fad passes. anywayz nice talking to you joe, try not to be TOO AWESOME you might scare the emo kids (like me)!!
    sincerely, not


    Emma Rox <sexi_evil_dollz@hotmail.com>

    Apr 20, 2006 - Hi.

    Ok firstly. People who bag ur shitty site arn&#039;t desperate. Secondly. I dont think you wern&#039;t born punk. Because punks have style. Punks are origanal. Punks are unique. Your just a poser hu is following the crowd of wanna be&#039;s out there.
    Punk isn&#039;t a look. ITS A LIFE STYLE.
    And u can&#039;t just TELL some one how to be punk. Thats like telling a goat how to be a sheep.
    And Chicks can be punk as well. It aint a guy thing. Where are all the female bands?
    I think that all your doing is creating more and more posers ( like ur self ) out there.
    And for god sake all the world needs is more posers. You try to hard mate.
    You aint punk.
    You neva will be punk.
    Your reputation (if u had one to begin with) is completely ruined.
    Your site stinks.
    And you think ur kool because you calll ppl uh tell the truth, desperate.

    Get a life.


    what the hell are you talking about?! women cant be punks!!! (besides avril). and whats this shit about lifestyle? you sound pretty desperate. maybe you should stop emailing people who dont care what you have to say. or better yet just kill yourself, whiny emo poser. omg poor emo girl wants to cry because she saw a website that made fun of her, boo hoo!! waaa! waaaaaaa!! its time for your diaper change! if you dont like my website, try leaving it instead of pissing and moaning and wasting my time. ive got better things to do than baby pathetic girls who spend their time looking up websites on how to be punk.

    get a life.

  • you got the wrong end of the stick----DICK HEAD

    franchesca silver <fran_luvs_music@hotmail.co.uk>

    Apr 16, 2006 - first i thought this website was ok, then i realised that its all FUCKING SHIT. You, that made this website, you aint even real punk, cos if you were you woudn&#039;t be making this website in the first place.Punk is all about being orignal, being yourself,unique. If you wanna tell people how to be punk then thats totally against the whole idea of punk.Cos punk isn&#039;t just about what clothes you wear or what you listen to, its about who you are as an individual.You cant tell someone how to be punk, cos that aint punk. Punk is a whole way of life,not just about clothes and music.
    You cant tell them what clothes to wear----&quot;wear skinny jeans, or you&#039;re a poser&quot; THATS ALL CRAP. Dont tell people to wear abercrombie, cos thats called BEING A POSER, and you are calling yourself a poser, because you fucking labelled yourself PUNK.you seriously need help.
    Another thing is punks dont call other people posers, they do their own thing, they dont critisize individuality, if someone wants to wear cheap trainers,let them, who cares? Punk is about DO IT YOURSELF. who says you HAVE to shop at Hottopic to be Punk? who says you HAVE to listen to sum41 or Good Charllotte? good charlotte is the MTV mainstream crap, yeh but if you WANT to listen to it, you CAN--- because that is PUNK, cos you WANT TO DO IT. ITs YOUR OWN CHOICE, YOU ARE BEING ORIGNAL.
    actually, i thank you for making this website the most humorous, it made me laugh so much.ITS SO FUCKING STUPID.


    being original is crap and individuality is overrated. clothing and fashion are all thats left of punk, so why not at least tell people how to do that part of it right? duhhh. and since when does calling myself punk make me a poser? so lets get this straight...punk is about doing my own thing, as long as my own thing doesnt involve me actually admitting im punk? shit, that makes tons of sense, nobody ever put it that way before. i cant believe how wrong ive been all this time. the next time someone calls me a punk, ill say &quot;fuck that! im an individual!&quot; and they will be sooo amazed and realize how punk i truly am, all because i didnt admit i was punk...since believing in something but never standing up for it takes some SERIOUS balls. that must be that &quot;way of life&quot; you were talking about in your email. hey i get it now! punk is about being a complete fucktard and listening to good charlotte. oh wait, thats what ive been saying all along. in that case, thanks for agreeing with me. im glad we see eye to eye on this one.

    by the way, its &quot;the SHORT end of the stick&quot;. dahilk!

  • fuck man

    isaac patterson <violentfemes@yahoo.com>

    Apr 15, 2006 - ha ha i had to reply to ur site and tell you how much fucking bullshit it is. you have now idea what punk is about. its about speaking your mind against wut you think is wrong through music!!!!! so cut this fucking fashion act shit and get a fucking life!!!! yeah sure i do like using the fashion. but its cause i have to make my own clothes!!! i have patches on my pants because they cover the holes in them!!! i have no money to buy from stupid hot topic and i go to the SALVO to get clothes that have other peoples name on them!!!! u see not many people are lucky like you!!! so fuck off and go suck a cock


    lucky? no no, i have a job. you should get one too, then your clothes wont stink like shit all the time. you could get pre-torn jeans at abercrombie, and sew patches onto those...blink182 patches. because thats what i do.

  • conformist


    Apr 6, 2006 - dude you are stupid. your trying to get everyone to be punk just like you. you are a conformist.


    uhh, so what exactly is the problem?