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    Veronica De Souza <veribam@msn.com>

    Jan 24, 2006 - hey kid. im veronica. im 17.
    im actually trying to figure out how i found your site but im too fucked up to remember.
    so anyway.
    i saw a link that said "how to be punk" and i laughed thinking it was one of those sarcastic rants about scene kids and how they think theyre punk because i write shit like that all the time. so i read a paragraph and i realized you were serious
    you dont understand the meaning of punk or punk rock. you DID have some good points liek the whole clothing thing.
    but other things were just pure BS
    like the show thing:
    why would you waste your time at a show if you think the band sucks??
    thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard. and i really started to not like you, not that you care. the reason i dont like you is cuz you kinda remind me or me. and thats scary.

    you cant write a "HOW TO BE PUNK" thing cuz you cant choose punk. it chooses you.
    your either born with it or your jsut another part of the system. you cant ACT punk or DRESS punk or whatever else you said. you just ARE punk. and YOU defintely are. you just need to chill with this "how to be punk" shit b/c its stupid.

    i do those "punk things" kid. i run around, get drunk, stoned whatever. go to shows get into fights etc. i do it because i want to. not because some one told me it was the "punk thing to do"

    seeing how you dont like highschool students, i know you wont wanna cantact me but heres my screen name anyway, its "spread the germz" and if your addicted to myspace liek the rest of this fucking world..my myspace is www.myspace.com/drinkdrankpunk89
    dont bother looking. its set to private.



    you read a paragraph and you realized i was serious? dont take this the wrong way, but are you retarded? i think you took too long to write that email. its like a fucking thesis. here let me shorten it down for you, and you can tell me how you like the abriged version:

    "hey kid. im veronica. im 17.
    im also pretty stupid, so i think ill take everything on your site seriously. i mean only a moron would do that, but hey, i aint in special ed for nuthin! anyway, i like yur fashion sense, but youve got it all wrong because blah blah blah blah blah...
    oh and i know ive been bitching at you, but for some strange reason i find you extremely attractive, so heres by screen name and myspace

  • burn n hell cocksucker

    Beth Simmons <i_want_andrews_throbbing_cock_in_my_grody_ass@yahoo.com>

    Jan 24, 2006 - hey dumbfuck

    u really dont get it do u? ur a stupid pussy ass doctors kid. boohoo, u had to live on ur own for a couple of months &amp; have mommy &amp; daddy stop spoiling u for once in ur life. i have a REAL job. unlike u, i'm not spoiled & i have to WORK for the money to buy the food i eat. u have no right to say anything to anyone, u fucking prick.

    and about this stupid MTV bullshit, i dont even watch tv. so apparently u must know all this "MTV is gay" shit because U watch it all the time. otherwise it would be no big deal....

    do everyone a favor &amp; quit being an asshole


    mabey if yoo finishd hi-skool, yoo woodnt b bagging peepols grosheries!!

  • lol it me

    Nicky Bellamy <nickybellamy@comcast.net>

    Jan 23, 2006 - hey it me again!! the EMO kid...yeah me EMO mmhmm yeah I REALLY wanna see you try to write about EMO's I WANNA write it!! man that would be awsome!!!
    i know so much about ur fucking bitches!!!!!!

    if you need any help writing it then E=Mail me again and i will he lp you becasue i don't want any EMO getting any more then they are for you saying that might be wrong and then tere get all bitchy!!!

    ok so hurry the shit up!!!!!!! ok1!! and yeah i don't have black hair right now because i went out of hair die!!! but i get a lot of vegies fr om my DICKIES im wearing do hurry up and E-Mail me BACK!!!

    from your lil EMO friend!!!!!!

    and yeah if you have AIM then IM me at
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!!

    <a href="http://www.myspace.com/s0ccer0088" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/s0ccer0088 </a> is my myspace


    Umm I didn't respond to this one, nor do I ever plan to. If it doesn't make sense, read the one under here.

  • ha

    Nicky Bellamy <nickybellamy@comcast.net>

    Jan 19, 2006 - ha you fuckin poser...

    goths wear tight pants and loose!!

    !! you a poser !!

    try putting one on EMO

    ok ?&gt;

    yeah because i wanna see what you do with EMO..
    me EMO so i can see if it is right


    !! OMG ur EMO?!?!
    !! let me kiss yor shoes, PLZ !!
    ill du nething!! if yoo let me kiss yur shoos!!! im going 2 rite 1 on EMO now, so can yoo send me sum pix of yurself?! being emo?! ok ill start riting now, tell me wut yoo think:

    emo kidz r AWESOME becuz theyre hair goes over there eyez and it sure lookz kewl. they r always thinking of wayz to make life better insted uf sittin aroun bitching and wining liek every1 else!! dey lissen to cool songz on the MTV and hav BLACK HAIR!! WOW!! emo kidz sure are GnArLy!!! i wish i wuz 1 of dem!! but alas, im not kewl enuf!! RATS!

    so tells me wut u think!! ok ?&gt;

  • You are so amazing!!

    Dave O'Shannatwig <anarchy.rulez@gmail.com>

    Jan 11, 2006 - wow, never thought any body would bother to make a site that xplicitively shows em how 2 be punk. nehow, it good site for wannabe punks.

    p.s avril lavigne aint a punk or sk8er punk, she as queer as simple plan and good charlotte. she hot tho

    peace, love & anarchy Dave


    yeah dude, id totally fuck avril.