Hate mail


  • You are so F4(kiN6 GAY!!

    Riho Lodi <riho@rix.pri.ee>

    Aug 9, 2006 - Ok. Saw your website. Nicely done, except for the information. Looked to me like you&#039;re some of those posers. First of all PUNK IS ABOUT ANARCHY, But you make up all these Friggin rules. AND DAMN, Leather is mostly Heavy metal Stuff. And your band examples: Simple Plan, Sum 41, Blink 182, Bowling for Soup. These arent even real Punk bands. Have you never been tho school you idiot. Judgeing From these bands you should be a Fat Fag with a tiny penis who likes to jerk off in front of your band posters. Do you understand that you are perverting punk with this page.

    &quot;My name is Andrew Lyon. No, that&#039;s not a typo, I am THE Andrew Lyon. I live in Santa Cruz, CA and I&#039;m very punk. The mall is far away though, so when my baggy bondage pants get a stain on them, I have to drive my escalade to the next town over and hit up HoT ToPiC. It&#039;s a pretty rough life, but I get by...one day at a time. Luckily my parents send me a check for $5000 every month, otherwise I&#039;d have to like, work, or something.&quot; - and wtf! you really sound like a real fag with a tiny penis.

    and OMFG WTF:

    You are so amazing!!

    AND O MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ----Here&#039;s a stupid conformist. He&#039;s wearing a Gap shirt, and anybody who gets clothes from Gap (or any store owned by Gap) is a complete conformist idiot with too much fucking money on their hands. He&#039;s obviously a bad person because he spends lots of money on his clothes...kind of like you, but it&#039;s ok when you do it since it&#039;s for a good cause. I&#039;d kick this scrawny conformist&#039;s ass myself, but I&#039;d probably lose.----- Let me guess this is you the guy who gets $5000 From his parents.

    AND WTF i told you, have you never been to school MORON----Derr it&#039;s AFI. They practically started punk with their dyed hair and makeup. AFI single handedly made it cool for guys to wear makeup, and thank god they did, now you can rebel in a socially acceptable way. They don&#039;t sing about anything important...but if they did that, they wouldn&#039;t be as popular as they are now! AFI is THE band to listen to if you want to be punk. Be sure to pick up their newest merchandise at Hot Topic.------ if i remember it was SEX PISTOLS OR THE CLASH AND WASNT IT KISS WHO woRe MAKEUP BEFORE AFI. DAMN you really are stupid, i&#039;m already feeling sorry for you, poor bastard.

    And yeah you should really check if you are talking about EMO, Goth or Punk. I just cant imagine someone could be this stupid and gay at the same time.

    Do you even Know what punk is, if not PLEEEEAAASEEE READ THIS http://www.answers.com/punk%20rock

    I BEG YOU. REad this Before you get TOO GAY!

    Be glad that i&#039;m not a serious punk fan. In case you are wondering why i&#039;m complaining, its because i hate those fucking fags who think they know everything about something that they now very little of.

    And please go to school and see a Psychologist.


    calm down man. you just typed a shitload and i barely read any of it. hope it feels good to get angry and waste your time writing me shit only a special ed 3rd grader would think of. good try though.

  • Listen


    Aug 6, 2006 - Who are you kidding? normal punks can skateboard. I shop at Hot Topic and im skater punk. Im in a band and in not punk rwaker. Its nice to say these things but some punks can be all of everything. Now wat are they?

    Rayvine -14,MD


    i think theyre called &quot;dumbasses&quot;

  • Shit Fucker


    Jun 9, 2006 - You&#039;re a fucken&#039; dumb ass who has no idea what the fuck he&#039;s talking about. Because if you had any idea what you were talking about you wouldn&#039;t post up a site as stupid as this. You don&#039;t even know what you&#039;re talking about. Do you even know what being punk is? Because ITS NOT ABOUT THE BOOTS YOU WEAR OR HOW HIGH YOUR DAMN MOHAWK IS. And try naming some bands who really are punk. Because Good Charlotte and all the other &quot;punk&quot; bands you named aren&#039;t PUNK! Start listening to good music. Listen to bands such as The Misfits, The Ramones, The Clash, and The Adicts. They&#039;re real punk.



    terrific, another idiot ramones groupie who thinks she&#039;s punk. fuck off and die. blink182 could beat the shit out of the ramones any day. and try emailing someone who gives a shit about what you have to say. because i dont.

  • this is my opinion

    Krista prock <fukbush44@yahoo.com>

    Jun 1, 2006 - ok...I just have to say that your site is pretty good but there were a some things that I thought were stupid.

    One thing Bowling for Soup, Sr71, and Sum41 are NOT punk. anything now and days that you find on mainstream radio or MTV is NOT punk. That&#039;s like saying that Greenday is punk. They aren&#039;t! Some good punk bands are the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Clash, Cure, and The Voidoids. Also if you call yourself punk you are a poser... Dressing a certain way isn&#039;t punk. Punk is all about believing in wat you feel is right.

    I&#039;m not saying your opinions are wrong but Punk is standing up for yourself and going against all of the controlling dictators and bad leaders that poison the system. Your not punk either if you have a mohawk and wear tight pants, (yea that may be how alot of punks these days dress) but they are just fallowing the crowd and not being individuals.Another thing Hot topic is for posers PERIOD.

    Dont just name punk bands...actually know stuff about them. Its kinda poserish if u just put down a band and have never even heard them.

    british people can be punk just like americans. (hello The clash and the Sex Pistols were british!)

    Girls can also be punk just like guys

    Girls can stand up for wut they believe in right?! so can guys

    they are no different except guys have a penis and girls dont

    I know im just adding to ur list of hate mail but i thought that this is sumtin i needed to say.


    blah blah ive heard it all before. and the ramones arent punk. god damn i wish people would stop saying that. they were losers, and the only thing that made them &quot;punk&quot; was that they wore leather jackets. woohoo. and dont play the band naming game with me, i&#039;ll blow you out of the water. my site&#039;s a joke, nothing on it is serious. although punk is important to me and i know more about it than i probably should, it&#039;s fucking dead and very few people actually know what it is anymore. hence the website making fun of idiots with skewed views of punk. but whatever, i really dont care anymore. hot topic kids can get punk stuff at the mall, 13 year olds who live with their parents can be anarchists and SpIkEy HaIrEd DRUNK PUNX (OI!!), blink 182 fans can be as hard as gg allin...it doesnt matter to me anymore. im sick of wasting my time and energy trying to hold together a tradition that has no meaning anymore anyway. i say let it fucking die in peace.

  • hey- you got hate mail

    Lia <black_ice009@yahoo.co.uk>

    May 19, 2006 - Hey,

    You have more hate mail.
    You frequently insult nearly everything, you say

    “Wow can you say poser? GBH stands for some British legal thing...as if Britain has anything to do with the United States! If British people want to be punk, they should get citizenship here first. After all, Blink 182 is an American band, and they started it all.”

    Is there any need for insulting the British? You cannot say that the Americans started punk; you cannot ever say one particular person started it. It is a sequence of events that lead to the coming around of punk and therefore most things. Blink 182 were a part of this helping of punk but did not start it.

    “This is a record cover for the band JFA (they didn&#039;t even have CD&#039;s back then!!).”

    And you go onto insult history itself just remember everything has to start somewhere an evolve from that.

    “women cant be punks!!!”

    Clearly another sexist!

    I understand the reason for this website and actually think it a good idea. Why should we stop those who want to become punks if they really want to become them, and everyone needs a place to start – a helping hand to start things. But I do not see reason for insulting others and things. This narrow mindedness is not needed, I can clearly see you want a era of narrow minded people who dress as they are told. Why can’t you give baselines without having to insult everything?

    Anyway read up your next essay of insults and write them down for me and everyone to see. I hope to hear back from you sometime.



    ask, and yee shall recieve. dont worry, lia, ive got a few insults for you...you suck, i hate you, i wish you were dead, you have no friends, youre stupid, etc etc etc. if anyone started punk, I DID with my website. get over it. blink182 didnt help shit, so shut it. i cant respect anyone who takes my site seriously and says its a good idea. i just cant....im sorry. wait, no im not. and whats this sexist shit? have you actually ever seen a female punk? yeah me too, but they were faking it!!! women cant be punks! only men! try a sex change, loser.

    and of course i want an era of narrow minded people. i want an era of dumbasses who do whatever i tell them to do on my site. it weeds out the leaders from the jackasses that do whatever the fuck their told. if i said it was punk to jump off a 400 foot cliff, i could weed out 90% of &quot;punks&quot; right there. problem solved, no more sold out shows for me. besides, wouldnt it be great to have your own army of stupid people who do whatever you say? its been done with anarchism, communism, and NOW its being done with punkism!! any idiot who wants to be punk just has to do whatever i say, and VOILA...he/she is a mindless drone serving whatever cause i deem important. I AM GOD!!! and my website is my bible. speak not words of hatred against it, or i shall smite you, unworthy peasant. now go forth, and spread my gospel (tell your friends). i dont care. i do what i want.