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  • Youre a poser ass bitch



    Seriously dude this whole "website" (if you can call it that) is a fucking joke. Oh and you keep on saying skating is gay, well I bet your bitch ass has never even been on a skateboard! Your just teaching people how to be posers. PS Good Charlotte, Blink 182, and Sum 41 are for faggots like you! Listen to real punk music like The Exploited, GBH, Discharge, The Sex Pistols, and Dead Kennedys.

    Until later poser ass bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    "this whole 'website' (if you can call it that) is a fucking joke" ...hmm. HMMMMMMM.

    The Exploited, GBH, Discharge, The Sex Pistols, and Dead Kennedys are for retards!!! didnt you even read my fucking site?! you fucking suck! ill stick to REAL punk music.

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    chris goyette <elementboards8861@msn.com>

    Mar 4, 2007 - hello,
    let me start off by saying most of your information is wrong. sum 41 and simple plan are not punk. in the section in hate mail where you tell people to read before emailing you you make sense. my buddy andrew thinks you’re a hippoctare and wants to beat your head in with a pipe.


    ok, so you read my section to read before sending me hate mail and you say i make sense there...then you send me hate mail telling me im not making sense. i think ive come up with an explanation for this that makes everything make sense: you are completely full of shit. plus im, like, a yellow belt in karate so tell your dumb friend to bring it.

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    Danielle Corrao <music15@sbcglobal.net>

    Mar 1, 2007 - ok, i am punk. well people say i am. the things ur say that "arent" punk are completely wrong. being punk is about the way u dress its about how u act. i mean, with me, i dye my hair and i had piercings but according to u having stuff pierced besides ur ears are gayyy.... well who are u to tell us what being punk really is? did u invent it? or what? and i heard u were 19 well im 16 and i dont believe a damn word ur saying. u may say u know what it is because u have been "in the scene" well so has everyone else loser. should i start a website now saying how to be punk? would u listen to what i have to say? no u wouldnt, because what u think is right and u dont want to follow people right?!? and thats how to be punk right?!? not by the way u dress right?!?



    its america, i can tell whoever i want whatever i want, and nothing you say or do can stop me. i will convince the world that punk is about fashion if it short-dicks every cannibal in the congo. its ToTaLly kewl ur in the scene kid, you must know lots about punk from hanging in the scene. thats why you were on a "how to be punk" website...

    look, i know the real reason you emailed me, and im flattered that you want to fuck me. its not going to happen though. i dont dig 16 year olds, especially ones that kiss my ass as much as you. plus youd have to get passed my fun-size girlfriend, and something tells me shed whoop you. dont kill yourself yet though, you can always put a bag over the head of one of your ugly scene friends and pretend its me...

  • gahrackkk website is interesting

    rs <TheShepherd94@aol.com>

    Jan 18, 2007 - ...what was the point of creating a website on how to be punk?..
    ....do you have nothing else to do but write down a bunch of bullshit
    thinking your smart and answering hatemail from retards like me?
    seriously..from what i gather your a 19 year .old punk who has..
    been or still is.................
    apart of the punk scene..why are you sitting on your computer?
    also..if you criticize the scene so much then why.be apart of it?..&why
    waste time by..making a website that just pisses people off and
    creates more assholes?
    do you like the anomosity? does it bring meaning to your life? if so
    youre really sad and i advise finding a healthier hobby...
    even though i think its sort of stupid, the site is quite interesting
    and entertaining and the pics are good.
    also...the dots dont represent pauses i just
    have a disorder where i need them wherever there is a
    series of words....i do it when i write longhand as well..
    ..oh yeah and i read the hate mail section thing...but not all
    of it......theres too much.......


    you hit the nail on the head. i love pissing people off. the only people offended by my site are people that it describes. and the people it describes are stupid wastes of human life. this can be translated into a simple mathematical equation:

    people who write me hate mail = stupid wastes of human life

    and no im not in the punk "scene." its a bunch of 16 year old dipshits whos parents drive them to shows in their escalade and drop them off 2 blocks away so it looks like they walked all the way through town. life on the streets, man. oi, pretty tuff, mate.

    and yes im such a fat slobby computer geek and all i do is work on my site. notice it took 2 months for me to write you back. i must have been too busy playing d&d and reading blogs and jacking off to barnyard porn.

    also.........i have a disorder that forces me to......explain myself and everything i do.........even to people i dont like.......................dot dot

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    abbie Brzoznowski <fairydust_840@yahoo.com>

    Jan 15, 2007 - why the hell do you think you can set the guidelines for the label "punk"? ur a fuckin idiot


    i do what i want, bitch. go suck a dick you cum-burping gutter-slut