Hate mail


  • read this idiot

    tara wakefield <only_a_reflection@yahoo.com.au>

    Dec 27, 2004 - my name is Tara and i feel sorry for you. dont you realise that you are so much of a fucking idiot that you keep contradicting yourself on your website! you tell us to stay away from these so called "posers" but your a fucking poser yourself! you tell us to dress just like certain so called "punk" bands and im sure you dress like them too, because your head is so far up your arse! you are copying people whose image was created for them by their record label this makes you a POSER! you dont have you own sense of fashion so you feel the need to copy bands, thats sad.
    and who the fuck are you anyway to tell people how to be punk? who died and made you the king of punk? you wouldnt know a punk if it hit you on head like a rock!

    and wats with all the "thats gay" and "this is gay". punks arent supposed to be superficial, so unless your a homosexual yourself how could you possibly have a perception of wat is gay and wat is not?

    god i wasnt so turned on by dickheads who think they know everything i think i would kill you

    p.s i bet 100 bucks you wont post this on your website because you know i am right and your fucked! stop trying to be like maddox


    oh man you got me, i feel so un-punk right now. if it wasnt 1:30 am id probably explain the concept of satire to you, but i just dont feel like it right now. oh and im gonna take you up on that bet even though i didnt even read most of your email. so you can just send me $100 whenever you get the money, if you arent too busy buying AFI albums with it. as for dressing like everyone else, who the fuck cares whether a record label came up with it or a bunch of poor losers who are too lazy to get jobs? its just fashion. if you pulled your head out of your arse you'd realize its all bullshit, and if you werent so fucking hung up on image, you'd realize the big HUGE secret about my website...

  • you are a F***ING MORON!!!

    Scott South <spottt2003@hotmail.com>

    Dec 8, 2004 - being punk isn't about "buying all my clothes at hot topic", its an IDEAL... its all about being original and NOT conforming... so by telling people to buy clothes like yours, you are KILLING wut punk really is.....

    From:the pissed off dude that made the mistake of reading your webpage


  • you dumb shit!

    laurence mattis <lumone@sbcglobal.net>

    Nov 27, 2004 - after reading over your website i have to disagree with completely everything that u have to say! i cant even amagine how someone could be as stupid as you are with your idea of a real punk! though i will start off by saying that not only do you not know a god damn thing about the culture or music because your idea that you have infultrated through your head as of what supposedly being a punk band is all about! being a punk band if thats what your dumbass is labeling it as is not about the shit you wear and it sure as hell is ut profits or money making its about the fun of it and having shows where the local quote"punks" can go and have a fucking pit smoke a joint drink a beer if they want and mainly have fun i really dont know if your shits real or your just being a dumbfuck and enjoy pissing people off but whatever it is i really dont have the time or vocabulary to put my feelings about you and your web site and all of your bullshit ideas but you really should be wiped off the face of the earth ! you and anyone who agrees with you! and another thing I WEAR TIGHT JEANS CHEEP SHOES AND FUCKED UP HAIR AND I EVEN LIKE J.F.A ! SO I DONT GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT BUT DIE SOON AND FAST AND I HOPE THAT IT IS VERY DISCOMFERTING AND PAINFUL AND TORCHERING! and also i must point out to you that you are a dipshit! yet again i dont have the patience or time to conferm you that your are sooooooooooo nieve or nievette if you will ! listen avril doesnt know shit about on quote"punk" and neither do you ! and i have people who will back that up because if you think that you are correct on anything that you have to say you have another thing comin1my brother was friends with j.f.a back when they were a band and if you didnt know they are local from arizona and well so am i and that shit pisses me off! if i ever meet you in person in the future stand far away from the front or back of my car because i will RUN YOUR FUCKING ASS OVER YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DIE



    jeff kelley <millencolyj@yahoo.com>

    Nov 10, 2004 - your web site REALLY BOTHERS ME. IF YOU ARE NOT JOKING ON YOUR WEBSITE, I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE REALLY SOON AND GET THE SHIT KNOCKED OUT OF YOU BY A REAL PUNK. first of all- it doesnt fucking matter how you dress. second, it doesnt fucking matter what you listen to. third, you are fucking labeling shit on your website which is dumb as hell..."if you wear this you are gay" what a fucking retarded thing to say. maybe the brands are gay or whatever you think, but it does not matter what brand or style you wear. fucking shit. this pisses me off. anyone who believes shit you spew on your website has got to be a fucking poser/retard. please, please kill your self. that would make me happy and all warm inside. OI FUCKER!



    Rachael Gold <dysfunctional_64@hotmail.com>

    May 6, 2004 - what the fuck do u think ur talking about? u r the biggest poser ever. whoever the hell told u punk was about being mainstream is seriously fucked up. i cant belive u. u suck, poser. "Buy skate shoes, but dont skateboard, its gay" what the fuck?! "only buy skate shoes that cost @ least $70" why the fuck do u think that the only punk bands out there are sum41, blink182, good charlotte, bowling for soup, and simple plan. and, i cant belive u used avril as an example for anything. "If its not played on the radio, then it isnt punk" what the hell?! why the fuck r u dissin' all the old punk music? the sex pistols, the casualties, rancid. if u knew anything, then u would know that if it wasnt 4 bands like them, punk probobly wouldnt even exist. and what the fuck is up with u calling everything gay.. part of being punk is not judging other pp, and, about the fashion, it dosent matter if some posers r waering plaid bondage pants and army boots, ppl can waer whatever the fuck they want 2. u suck ass. ur a poser. and u will never know anything about being a true punk.