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  • gay poser!!! piss off!!!

    ryan rodriguez <i_m_so_confused@hotmail.com>

    Sep 24, 2005 - in defense of my friend john down there the casualties arent sell out i hate it when people say that they are only spreading the punk scene! if you were a true punk u would know that dumb ass anti-flag's songs dont sound all the same best cd of there's is fucking underground network learn punk your probally a stupid reject that noone like!! and if you are friends with a punk then they probally havent seen this gay ass poser site faggot ass bitch burn in hell cunt!!!


    you're right. i am a stupid reject that "noone like". in fact, the only true punks ARE the rejects. the ones who have a reason to turn their backs. or wait, i suppose punks are supposed to be the ones everybody likes. the high school jocks. and hey, im really sorry you like anti-flag, but that sounds like a personal problem so id rather not hear about it. i mean i respect your opinion and all, even if it is wrong, but i just dont give a shit what you think. and the casualties going from a raw underground NY band to a corporate over-processed liberal-lyric spewing cookie cutter "punk" band DOES, in fact, QUALIFY AS SELLING OUT. and they can spread the fucking scene as much as they want...PUNK AINT A FUCKING SCENE ASSWIPE. its a way of life, a feeling, a fight that never ends. we are the rejects, we are the unwanted, and YOU are the fucking enemy. so have fun with the scene while it lasts, because $1000 says when it dies, you'll go out with it. and it will die. OI cunt OI derr SID VICIOUS!! wanka!! wanka cunt!

  • we dont aprove, FU!

    John Bayles <johnnybagels@hotmail.com>

    Sep 22, 2005 - you are the biggest idiot ive ever heard, when u talk it makes me want to find you and beat the the living hell out of you! I have not heard someone twist the beauty of punk into this crap! I hope people realize how dumb you are. do u even know who started punk? no gay blink 182 or gay day or that crap! the sex pistols! The ramones! The clash! people realize how stupid you are dude. the casualties are a perfect image of punk, as is anti-flag and other bands like that! you sir are an idiot and need to be schooled on punk! here look at this u jackass.



    aww man you hurt my feelings. ='(. now, my response: antiflag sucks. every one of their songs sounds the exact same. the casualties have sold out. wow, yeah, perfect image of punk there...doing what the record company tells you so you can get more money. actually i believe i mentioned that in my punk rawker section, so good job on following the guidelines there, moron. and speaking of IMAGE, which is also in explained in detail on my site, i bet not much more goes through your head than studs and patches...because thats what punk is really about.
    the sex pistols! the ramones! the clash! bet you dont know many more. in fact, i bet you dont know any bands that arent printed on a tshirt. besides, how do you think i'd know who crass and gbh are if i "need to be schooled"...oh wait, you probably dont know who they are anyway. hey look, im sorry you're an idiot, but you shouldnt take it out on me. you may want to look into killing yourself.

  • WTF!

    Sarah Beaumont <hyperlittleme31@yahoo.com>

    Sep 8, 2005 - what the freekin fuck is your problem!!!! You sont know anything about "punk". Now I'm not saying im punk. im not really. but i know much more about it than you obviously! ur retarted site made me so angry! real punks dont care what people think about them! they dont care about labels they despise "simple plan" ur opinion of "hardcore punk"! punks do most deffinetely not shop at abercrombie whatever the case is. abercrombie is for preppy suburban kids! they dont care about money. ur little guide is not real punk and those people you call posers are most effientely not posers. and avril is not cool! the people you say are punk are the real posers. someone gave you the totally wrong idea of what punk is!!!!!!!


    oh my god! i didnt realize how wrong i was all this time until you, and you alone, told me just how wrong i am. i mean, other people sent me hate mail and stuff, but the ingenious way you wrote yours totally changed my perspective on what punk is. im going to change my site right away to tell people how to be REAL punks!! is it tue that real punks dont call themselves punks? because i know this guy who has a studded jacket and stuff and he called himself a punk once, and i didnt think anything of it until you told me just now that real punks dont care about labels. whats your expert opinion on the issue? please mail back soon, im so eager to hear from you again! i want to know if im allowed to call myself a punk, now that i know exactly how to be one, thanks to you. i kiss the ground you walk on.


  • gay

    green day <hockey2798@yahoo.com>

    Jul 11, 2005 - ur so gay u r a poser how does all taht suff make u punk punk is not a style its a type of music dumass


    fuck off shitbird

  • (no subject)

    rebel grl <rebelgrl@hotmail.co.uk>

    Jun 26, 2005 - u no wat any 1 who actually dus wat u say is being made a poser . wat a load of utter bullshit. if u r a true punk u DONT get told how to dress or shit like that. u wear wat u wanna wear u listen to wat u wanna listen to and most importantly shop where u wanna shop. its POSERS LIKE U that make wanna barf u r just shallow dude realy shallow.

    oh yes just a little tip GeO


    you suck