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  • "punk"

    Alice Guzman <hottygirl367@hotmail.com>

    Jun 21, 2005 - Heyy,
    my name is Alice. i just wanted to say that: Punk, prep, goth, WHATEVER! real people don't need labels. i mean, just because u wear black nail polish or wear black or whatever or wear skater shoes doesn't mean ur punk. its just how u dress. and if u have to wear skater shoes even if u don't skate, and u have to pretend to skate if u don't, that doesn't make u punk. it just makes u a wanna-be skater. real people skate because they want to and because they can. ur site is sooo stupid. if u wanna see a really kewl site go to www.xanga.com/foxxylady485 and then you'll see.


    your mom doesnt need labels. sadly, the rest of the world does. faucet. green. dog. PUNK. building. all labels. you anti-label people are only anti-label because you dont have the balls to call yourselves punks. and if you truly didnt care, you wouldnt get mad when other people used labels. but you do, which shows your insecurity with your own belief system. if i skate, ill call myself a skater. if im a punk, ill call myself one, thank you very much. i dont need other people telling me what i can and cant label myself. anyway, its not a big deal, its just a label. it doesnt limit you at all, it doesnt steal your money or eat your food, it doesnt give you acne...its not a big deal, theyre just words. anti-label trains of thought came from people who were sick of getting called posers, so instead of not caring, they started pretending they werent trying to be punks. i see past their stupid tricks though, so besides labelling people and myself for my own sake, i do it just to piss them off. it works too. anyway, thanks for writing, i havent gotten hate mail in while and i was getting ancy. you should read the hate mail section on my stoopid webite, you might learn a thing or two.
    love always,

  • WTF?

    Tom Spears <spiritofaghost@hotmail.com>

    Jun 17, 2005 - Well now ive seen it all a website telling you how to live your fukin life first of all im gonna say i aint a punk im a goth but for fuck sake when i actually heard of this site i had to look an see how incredibly sad it was been in any culture be it goth punk emo what ever you dont need fukin labels it doesnt make you a poser you dont hav to have fukin riches and buy 80 dollar fukin skater shoes wot the fuk i wudbt pay that much whats the point in buying summat for 80 dollars that in a bout 4 months is gonna be wrecked and your gonna need more bcoz the company wants you t keep going back to buy more and what the fuck is tyhis shiit about scratching an anarchy sign in to your dads car you cant go around telling people to do that you fukin psyco and the BIGGEST joke on this website is AVRIL she aint a fukin punk now she is what is recognised as a poser i really think this website is fuking shite any real punk can see that infact anyone with half a brain cell could see that!!! You really need to be shot you pathetic piece of shit get a fuking life loser!!!!!Punk Goth woteva you be aint a fashion either its what you are not what you wear

    Yours Disgustidly


    P.S&gt; Your lips need to be glued to your ass to show people that you truley indeed suck ass


    Oh great! Another poser telling me how it is. I'm sorry, I cant help if you're too poor to be punk. Maybe you should try to get a job instead of pestering me. If you need money, you could have just asked, my dad is a doctor and I'm sure he would have helped you get started. But no! You had to go and call ME a poser! You can forget about that check I would have sent you.

    Besides, nobody cares if you're a goth. Goths suck! I wouldn't go around admitting that publicly if I were you. So in summation, learn to spell, get a job, and join a subculture that actually matters.

    Your mom's truly (heh heh),

    PS. I'd glue my face to my ass, but the spot is taken by all the really hot chicks around here constantly kissing my ass. Get a job.

  • how to be punk.


    Apr 27, 2005 - OK, I guess you really have to be intelligent to understand this site.
    To me, it sounds like you made this whole thing just for kicks.
    You totally contradict yourself in every different section.
    I find it funny.
    Unless your were really trying to be serious.
    In that case ... your a complete nutter.
    punk1 (pungk) n. 1.dry, rotted wood, used for starting a fire. 2. anything that burns quickly and makes a large flame.
    punk2 (punk) n. 1. a young hoodlam 2. anyone, esp. a youngster, regarded as inexperienced, insignificant, ect. adj. poor or bad in quality

    How you get all of these complicated instructions and whatnot from these simple definitions is absurd.

    now im going to be terribly "conformist", (as you would put it), and say, :

    <i>stupid bitch ass mother fucker.</i>



    wait, are you implying that you're intelligent? sooo intelligent that you have mentally advanced past the concept once known as satire? where the fuck have you been the past 28 years...do you honestly not know that punk is a culture in its own right? and no, we dont worship burning sticks, believe it or not. its a culture based on anti-mainstream mentality that shoves the problems of society into society's face. its really cute how you took the time to look up the word punk, but how literal minded are you? the rules i put on my site are observations ive made of mainstream sects of the "punk" culture. being mainstream in itself invalidates everything that makes them punk, and thats where i come in...to make fun of them and help them realize what a pack of retards they are.

    unfortunately, there are extremely intelligent people, like you, who are just wayyy too smart to realize that my site is a joke. its just too bad i cant think on your level, otherwise i might be able to come up with a way to relate to all the intellectuals that come to my website and take it seriously, instead of confusing their advanced minds with all that horrible conflicting and contradictory information. anyway, i should get going, i have an "Idiots Anonymous" group to attend.

    thanks for writing,
    -stupid bitch ass mother fucker

  • QUESTION (please respond back)

    Kevin Holden <johndude1@comcast.net>

    Apr 23, 2005 - Hi

    I visited your site before, and I got a question for you.

    My parents dont let me do thing that I want to do, like have mohawks and dye my hair. How can I convince my parents to let me do these things?

    Thank you


    you need to get a key and use it to scratch the anarchy symbol into your dad's car. that will show him you mean business and you'll do anything to be punk.

  • (no subject)

    Michelle Meyering <ch0colat3_pudding@msn.com>

    Apr 13, 2005 - dude you're a fucking joke. seriously you think that shit makes you punk? you gotta be fuckin with the wrong crowd then. i mean really, you can listen to whatever you want, and wear what you want. bein punk isn't about the clothes or the makeup, it's about being yourself and being original. you don't have to buy shoes and whatnot for over $70. that's a fucking rip off. that's what thrift stores are for. doing the shit that you say is jus liek bein a poser. punk is something you can't learn, it's just something you are. go get a life asswipe


    Look, it's obvious you want to have sex with me, so just cut the bullshit and ask.