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  • your gay

    Katherine Durzo <green_day_28@hotmail.com>

    Apr 7, 2005 - k your site is fucking gay. you dont need a WEBSITE created by a rich pussy and his DOCTOR dad to teach kids how to be punk. they either naturally like that music and dress how they want or they dont. its simple. Avril Lavigne is ONE of the biggest idiots i've ever heard of i dont understand why shes trying to make music, she cant play guitar and she should have her throat slit. as for you, the creator of this site, you should honestly be ashamed this is disgusting, whats the world coming to, a site to teach you to fit in? whoever likes this site should hate themselves even more fuck i cant get over the fact that this site exsists. i was joking around with my friend that it would be hilarious if there was a site named www.howtobepunk.com and it turned out it was real. I WAS JOKING. i didn't think something this gross could exsist. fuck, and if you think i'm a poser for calling it shit, you have problems. any idiot could see this is a disgrace. please respond i want to cut up on you evn more about how suicide is the easiest way out.


    heyy wow thanks for the email. im emailing you back...BUT NOT BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO!!! im doing it for my own selfish reasons. thats right, i have no consideration for my non-fan base. in fact, you can rot in hell for being so fucking stupid. i wont explain WHY you're stupid, but about 67% of people who see my website will understand why you are such an utter moron. thats because they get the big secret about my website. there is a big HUGE secret. one that is not obvious because you have no musical knowledge of the punk culture. even without it, the secret is pretty obvious. very obvious. but it takes a special breed of person not to realize what it is. and i call that breed "total moron". have a GREAT night!! gee, i sure i hope to hear back from you.

    ps...i LOVE your email address. greenday is soooo amazingly punk.

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    Feb 27, 2005 - ahahahaha its true my buddy gave me the site adress and i checked it out where the fuck do you get off on telling people they are not punk unless they have 4 inch high spikes punk is about doing completely what you want when you want and not giving a shit what anyone lese thinks about you doing it and posers my dear retarded little friend are guys like you hu spend ages thinking they are soooo punk just becuz they copy everything a citain person wear from a band, anti nowhere league for example punk aint about image asshole its about the music and the free will to do what the fuck you want



    hehe you are such a stupid poser. i bet you dont even know who avril lavigne is. bozotron

  • website: anti-hate mail/sort of hate mail

    Siobhan D <plaidskirts77@yahoo.com>

    Feb 24, 2005 - Hey. I just wanted to say that I love your site (yes, i know that its a joke- thats why i love it) I read your "the truth" section and I agree with all of it. However, i think that you shouldn't hate the pop-punkers lol it's best to just let them think that they're punk and let them go on being emo about their dads and stuff. Anyways, i just got sick of reading the hate mail so here it is-- the anti-hate mail.

    However... what's with the hot topic hate? it's just a store lol and who the hell cares where someone got their clothes from, as long as they have the ideals and care about stuff that matters. --yeah, i've bought clothes from there. Wanna call me a "poser" or whatever go ahead, its not like it would mean anything.. oh except for that would make you an idiot. I mean if you can't get over the fact that someone bought their clothes from a certain store then wouldn't that make you as bad as the snobs who stand there wearing abercrombie and hollister from head to toe and make fun of the people who wear spikes and listen to certain bands and wear stuff that most people wouldn't be caught dead in. (btw, not everything at that store is overpriced. Ever heard of the clearance section?) PUNK IS NOT ABOUT THE FUCKING CLOTHES i know you've said this but i don't think you actually get it.. at all

    -the hot-topic "poser" punk... not really


    its not that i dont like people who wear hot topic clothes, i just dont agree with the store selling the "punk" fashion to people so they go out and think theyre all punk BECAUSE of the clothes they wear. if they truly didnt care about the fashion, as you say, then why spend the money on the bullshit clothes that arent even truly part of the original fashion? notice that as i rip on the hot topic fashionites and the blink182 fashionites, i also rip on the "real" punks who have the right fashion but the wrong reasons, just like the other groups.

    come to think of it, what was the url of the website? if you went to the geocities one, be sure to check out www.howtobepunk.com if that isnt the one you saw. but anyway, the point of the website isnt to rip on any one fashion-based subculture, as you seem to think it is. the point is to humorously show that fashion means absolutely nothing without the beliefs and ideals and yada yada. so would i call someone who shops at hot topic and considers themself punk a "poser"? probably. the reason being is they are suscepting to the capitalization off of a movement. by buying those retarded looking clothes, you are putting money into the pocket of some cigar puffing entrepeneur without even realizing that you're being exploited. being punk takes a certain amount of brains, and if people shop at hot topic and think it makes them punk, then im sorry, but they dont have the political or self realization that it takes to truly be an "individual" or a rebel. buying shit from hot topic doesnt set you free from your social chains, you are just exchanging them for the same chains with a different design. you are just another sheep following the crowd, buying your corporate cookie-cutter identity. is that what punk is?

  • wow

    Cassady Vaughn <nailbunny9000@yahoo.com>

    Jan 11, 2005 - Okay, I do relise that you site is total satire, but it's fucking retarded! It's a waste of time if you're not seriously trying to convince people about how to be punk, in which case it would be more of a waste of time, but anyways. 'Punk' isn't even a fashion statement, it's a kind of music. The only reason I went on your fucking site was because this guy Jason told me about it. I figured i would check it out just to bash, but considering that it is only humor, it's funny ass shit! I'm not 'punk' I listen to some punk music, but emo is the shit. I have an idea, why don't you try to make a site about that, retard? See how much better it does. Oh, and by the way, The Used is an emo band, you were wrong.



    My site is picking fun at the many ways society shows people how not to be punk. punk is more than music, its a state of mind. you seem like a hot topic loser, and this message seems like an act of desperation, trying to attack me because im ripping at the foundation of what you base your personality on. not that i really care what you do, i just think its funny how you attack me where an attack is not provoked, so i must have struck a chord somewhere, eh? Oh and no matter what the used is, it doesnt change the fact that they suck balls, kind of like you. they think theyre punk, and whether mtv calls them emo or not, thats good enough for me to bash their stupid asses. later dawg...

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    Nicola Lyme <i_hate_to_be_loved@hotmail.com>

    Jan 5, 2005 - i think your site is crap....u shouldnt be telling people what to ware.....and that u have to do surtan stuff or u r gay ur the fucking gay! i think ur site is a load of shit!


    at leest im not teh 1 looking up websites on how to be punk, looser. ur the gay one, poser