Hate mail


  • wtf

    nsyaf rosla <grafferz@hotmail.com>

    Apr 15, 2004 - Punk. i think u're doing this fer fun. arent you? Your site's a fucken joke aint it? I mean, if u're punk.... how can u haf an e-mail like "haha326..."? thats fucken lame and u shud be shot in da dick.. AND YOU NOE THAT. heyy maaN.. pissing them punks aint funny. when u think its safe, they'll come and get you.. hurhur... you shud relli get a LIFE. If THIS site IS IT, my deepest sympathies fer you maaaaaaN... u lame-assed dickhead...


    yeah i bet you are a punk you piece of shit. how can you tell if someone is punk by their email address? oh wait you cant, apparently you lick assholes. yeah but grafferz must be totally punk. you wouldnt know punk if it fucked you up the ass and came all over your face so quit bitching at me. if you think you are soo fucking tough then fly out here and try to kick my ass. see what happens.

  • .....you have the all time cornyest site


    Apr 3, 2004 - Dude are you on some serious dope! you think you are punk! i bet you are a poser,a nd you listen to the cornest bands "sum41, simple plan, good charlotte" what is up with that. and your dissing the true and first punk like "the casualties ,dead kennedys, operation ivy, sex pistols" dude they made what is now called "punk" . You fucking poser! and by the way, i saw that you said you went to Nam......hmmmm lets all think together on this on......what do punks hate the most.........is it....government..YES IT IS! and what is war with.....the damn government! And dude mowhawks rule! they started up the whole fucking weird looks! ...and only blonde hair poser have all the other colors? dude thats fucking wrong, posers are to scared to change there hair color to blue or green ,they think there poser friends will hate them, why did i have to stumble up on this damn site...its people like you that make me mad. So why dont you go burn in a ditch somewhere!


  • YOU POSER!!!!!!!!

    Chloe Williams <teen_mars1238@yahoo.com>

    Apr 3, 2004 - my friend and I were looking at your site and you really are a friendless retard!! (Need I say more?) The only thing that I acctually agree with you is that Good Charlotte and Simple Plan rock but other than that your site's a fucking JOKE!!!! It's posers like you that make punks like us look bad!!!!!! If posers visited your site then the only thing they are going to become is MORE of a fucking poser!!! Get a life and a clue!!!!


    Umm I really didn't need a response for this one...speaks for itself

  • How to be what u call 'punk'

    Jules Hero <julesblahblah@hotmail.com>

    Mar 20, 2004 - r u serious...like seriously u don't know shit about bein a punk!! i spent ages laughing my ass off at this site. Bowling for soup...real punk! who cares if ya hairs blonde, thats not gay but most punks have black hair. Skate shoes, "sk8ings" gay though, fuck head. And lets all go out and chat with bowling for soup while getting record contracts!!! great idea, and u say arvil is a good example for a punk (under studded stuff) shes the fuking try-hard. Good punk bands are Millencolin and pennywise...u're tryin to be a punk, just stop, stop embarrsing yourself, please...for the sake of evry1 reading this shit site


  • How to "be punk"

    Lil' Drumma Boy <eldiablo13179@hotmail.com>

    Mar 9, 2004 - I really hope your site is a joke , because I was laughing my head off. Umm , where do I start? Perhaps the bit about how writing "sk8" makes you cool. What the fuck? You think the way you friggin' type something makes you cool? I say your a poser , because (my next point) YOU DON'T FUCKING BUY SKATE SHOES WHEN SKATING IS "GAY." That's what POSERS themselves do , genius. Besides , skating is not gay. Also , what's this bullshit about you were in Nam? That would mean that you must be about 60 years old. In which case, what do you know about punk? Who's going to listen to a 60 year old man about being punk? Oh, and your forgetting a whole lot of punk bands. There's more than just Bowling for Soup , Simple Plan and all of them. Oh and the hair ? Look at Rancid , LIBERTY SPKES! Your site is full of crap , but hey buddy , at least all my friends and I will get a couple of great laughs. YA FUCKING POSER.


    just because you're a poser doesnt mean you gotta be all up in my business. skateboarding IS gay much like yourself, and i hope you break your neck doing it. skate shoes are cool though, and its punk to have them...and anyone who says otherwise is a shit head. i know what punk is ok? my dads a doctor...i think i would know. anyway, i dont have time for chit chat so have fun being a poser. maybe once you quit being so stuck up you will come to my website again and try to be a REAL punk