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    Shades <shady_lane_9@yahoo.com>

    Feb 18, 2006 - How the heck can you si there and say some bull like that? MTV is hiphop actually you dip. If you really want to make me mad keep putting stupid crap like this on the net. Well anyway, im going to go because im some dip kid...... Well anyway I have better things to do than view your gay site! makes me so MAD! So stop trying to be a poser, and get a real life.



    i live to make idiots like you mad, so hahahah you suck. thanks for making my day, loozer!


  • punk my ass

    Mariela <Arizoniankitty@aol.com>

    Feb 15, 2006 - You little mother fucker, you aint a punk rawker. The Casualties are not posers. They&#039;re hardcore punk. Good Charlotte and sum41 are posers. You dont kno what the fuck you&#039;re talking about. You&#039;re a fucken little fucker who has nothing better else to do than to criticize kids. You don&#039;t know what it is to be punk and how the fuck could you call Anti-Flag posers. They&#039;re reala punk rawkers...you just ugh i dont know this is the stupidest shit ive ever read.



    wow you just named dropped some shitty ass bands. so, do you know any bands that came out BEFORE the year 2000 (besides the ones you heard on slc punk)? hmm i wonder, i wonder. but lets leave that issue for now. i have &quot;nothing better else to do than to criticize kids&quot;? what the hell was the email you sent? a thank you letter? hell yeah i criticize kids. i criticize dumb fucking moron kids who think theyre punk becuz dey herrd da new casualtees CD. and &quot;punk rawkers&quot;...been watching the MTV lately eh? i dont blame you, i would too if i was a total dipshit. dont worry, im sure within a few months, antiflag AND the casualties will be on MTV. then you can sit there all day watching tv listening to antiflag go on about how hard high school can be. have fun with that.

  • cool

    Holly Sönser <hollyberrie08@hotmail.com>

    Feb 15, 2006 - hey my name is Holly, and im not sure if you&#039;ll get this cause i sent it a different way, but who really cares haha. i like your site, but may i suggest more tips on hair, and i seen a little typo thing you did, you said that only posers lable themselve, but just before that, you said that your punk, haha i think its funny. but im just letting you know..anyways, like i said before i got distracted, you should put more tips on hair in your site, i like styling my hair, and i think its fun, now i know you kinda against it, but it does show a little induviduality, but thats just my take on it. umm and i think you should specify that Simple Plan is pop-punk, and how Avril turnd pop, like every other female singer.. (sept for Tsunami Bomb).. again im just saying. sorry im bored, and have no one to talk to, once again, (no i am not an emo) just so you know, and my hair is awesome. (can you tell i like hair yet??) but yea.. thats all i guess.. bye bye :)


    thats odd that id call myself punk and say labelling is for posers...ill have to talk to my writers about that. most of them dont know english, so things like this happen once in a while. thanks for bringing this to my attention, ill see to it that the responsible party will never write website content again in his/her life (im an equal opportunity employer).

    anyway, im glad your hair is awesome, but i cant style my hair because im a cancer patient and have no hair. you sort of hit a raw nerve with me, and id appreciate if you do not come back to my site anymore.

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    Luke Downs <lukedowns@shaw.ca>

    Feb 13, 2006 - o dear god u are sooo stupid!

    not that im a punk or anything but U r the poser u gay faggit!

    sum41....blink182....simple plan....
    seriously look at all the simple plan songs and youll see and if you dont then your wayyy too stupid for anyone ta help ya

    hope you get it right kid


    thanks for the email. i listened to all my simple plan, blink182 and sum41 songs again and again, and i didnt hear one song that wasnt about breaking up or high school, so i dont know what youre talking about saying they arent punk. maybe youre insecure. or maybe you just suck. either way id appreciate if you keep your babbling to yourself next time, since im a busy guy and i dont have time for petty emails from luzers questioning how punk i am.

  • i hate yer site!!!

    Allison Cardinal <simpleplanpunk_girl@hotmail.com>

    Feb 1, 2006 - ok im more punk then you and i know more then you and you got lots of that wrong like that part bout being a poser and the pics are outragus if you look at the 80&#039;s and a lil today you can c that those bands are popular and you like Good Charlotte? ok then why would you call benjis old hairdos GAY?? huh ahha thought so. yer NOT PUNK!!! so stop saying that you are you just want everyone to think the &#039;preps&#039; are the punk and the punks you c out and about are punk and you say that you have to wear skate shoes and band tees and never wear tight pants and you c that david from simpleplan wears those pants and pierre had his hair in a mohawk shaved on the sides and so does chuck and again benji had a bunch of those hairdos and you are sayin that &#039;PUNK&#039; is &#039;PREP&#039; so why dont you erase all of this &quot;HOW TO BE PUNK&quot; shuff and make a &quot;how to be PREP&quot; site ok now go and do that


    How about this. I&#039;ll write a guide on &quot;How to write stupid emails to people who couldn&#039;t give less of a fuck what you have to say&quot;. All I&#039;ll have to do is copy and paste your email in there. Hey I got a joke. How do you keep girls named Allison Cardinal from choking? Take yer dick outta her mouth!! omg yer a prep omg i hate other peepol for how they dress nd that maiks me punk LoLz!! You need to drop the MTV bullshit and get a job.