Hate mail


  • You don't know wat punk is

    Melissa Gammons <melissan@worldpath.net>

    Jan 8, 2006 - Dude u have no clue wat punkreally is! being punk's not about the clothes u waer and don't wear. It's not about the music u listen to. it's a way of life. u really shoud'nt go telling people how to be punk ur just making them posers like u.


    omg wat r u talkin about?! do u not watch MTV?!

  • Being Punk

    Lucas Mifsud <theoriginalscreech@hotmail.com>

    Jan 3, 2006 - How can u TEACH people how to be punk. They can buy the clothes and listen to the music and still just be some wannabe punks. Punk started off with the attitude People Under New Knowledge. Being Punk is about being individual and wotever you want. You cannont teach that because otherwise you will just be creating people like you with your ideas of what punk is. You cannot create punk nor destroy its inside all of us we just need to find it. Without the attitude there are just punk looking wannabes


    Yeah, I totally agree with you, I made a website telling people how to be punk and none of them fucking get it...you're damn right I can't teach people to be punk, they're too stupid! And I'm sick of people sending me hatemail because they think punk isn't about fashion. It's like, come on idiots, what else is there to it? They try to complicate things with all that "way of life" bullshit. And I agree with you on not making people think like me, I should definitely teach them to be creative and find NEW ways to copy me. As for attitude, I made sections telling people how to refine their attitude...maybe you missed those parts. Oh, and I hate to quabble you, but I believe it's "People Under No Knowledge".

  • how to be punk

    bill smith <gnarskate20@hotmail.com>

    Dec 23, 2005 - dude i agree and disagree with you. one. the causalties ARE sellouts. because i knew them, and they started selling out to buy jorge a new liver, but after that happened, they kept on with it, got a taste of the good life, and never looked back. 2 antiflag is the biggest pile of trash that's ever considered themselves punk. anyone can wear a leather jacket and some studs and get a Mohawk. but punk rock isn't about fashion, though some will disagree, it isn't even about the music, punk is about giving a shit about the world your forced to live in , and trying your goddamned hardest to make a difference. not spouting fuck the government over and over to some shitty harmonic electric guitar. listen to M.D.C. music with a real message. and so what if i like nazi punks fuck off, its a good song, and i agree with the ideals, but i dont consider myself punk because i know the goddamned lyrics. also you think you know about real life because you squatted for 5 months? i spent 9 years on the street living in shelters, out of cars, under bridges. fighting off crackheads, trying to steal my gear in my sleep. I'm not saying that gives me squat cred or what the fuck ever, but you seem to think you know everything about it, like a critic. but now i have a place of my own, which i work my ass off to have, with people shitting on me the whole time. but yes, half the "punks" out there are a bunch of scenester assholes, but you judge all punks as a whole, judging them and labeling every single one. you know who else did that? Adolf Hitler.


    dude, you completely misinterpreted why i was even talking about those 5 months. it was in reply to some fucking mtv bopper who lives with her mommy. i wasnt trying to say "i know everthing there is to know about life." i know lots of people have it worse than me. and its great if you like nazi punks fuck off, but you're taking offense, once again, to something that isnt targeted at you. the point of making fun of that is that theres all these dumbass high schoolers who know one dead kennedies song and think it makes them punk. if you think i was making fun of the people who actually listen to what the dead kennedies had to say, then you're pretty insecure. i love the dead kennedies, and i have nothing against people who like them. i just have a thing against annoying 14 year olds.

    and you said im judging all punks?! are you retarded? im making fun of fashion punks. you need to pull your head out yo ass. im discriminated against a group of people who bastardized my subculture and what it stands for. they suscept to rampant commercialism because they have no free will or minds of their own. if that makes me adolf hitler, then sieg fucking heil.

  • You are one of the gayest people i have ever heard about.


    Dec 16, 2005 - Dude if your so punk as you claim you are. then what catgory do u fall under. dipshit. suck a dick and die u conformist hippie asshole.


    i fit into the "i dont answer stupid questions from dumb retards" category

  • r u retarted?

    Beth Simmons <aprilblink_182@yahoo.com>

    Dec 11, 2005 - dear loser

    u r the biggest idoit on the internet. ur a doctor's kid. what do u know about being punk? nothing. ur just some rich kid with nothing else better to do. i find it funny how u contradict yourself about everything on ur gay site--hey at least it gave me a good laugh. apparently u dont pay attention to anything or ur "observations" wouldent always be a load of shit. ur right, this site is a joke, but unfortunally for u the joke is ON u. ur retarted in thinking this bullshit makes u punk. u really need to get a life, u stupid cocksucker.


    so did you write your email from your squat? the squat's communal computer? i mean, you must live on your own if you're criticizing me for being dependent on my father. whats funny is that i live on my own, without getting even a penny from my dad. so dont tell me a thing about punk until you move away from mommy for a few days and take a look at the world...not knowing if you'll be able to make the month's rent payment, starving for weeks at time because you have to skimp on food, and the government food stamp application is a very slow process, and you only make minimum wage. you dont have money to get clothes, even from the thrift store, and you can only wash your clothes once every 2 or 3 weeks because $10 for quarters will break the bank. is that what your life is like? because that's how mine was for about 5 months until a few weeks ago. get over yourself, you dont know shit about life! and who died and made you PUNK GOD? i guess watching enough mtv will do that to you, but wait, that means you have CABLE?! isnt that a bit of a luxury for somebody as amazingly poor and underpriveliged as you? and IM "the biggest idoit on the internet", well hey, at least i can SPELL idiot. well i guess ive shamed you enough, maybe you should try emailing me again when you finish junior high.