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    Ben Chapin <letterbomb79@ameritech.net>

    Mar 14, 2006 - Sum 41, Blink-182 and Bowling For Soup are NOT PUNK. Tell me, what is &quot;hardcore&quot; about Simple Plan?

    You don&#039;t even fucking know punk. Real punks don&#039;t have to wear all that shit to make a statement. It&#039;s about the music, not eyeliner and hair gel.

    &quot;Wow can you say poser? GBH stands for some British legal thing...as if Britain has anything to do with the United States! If British people want to be punk, they should get citizenship here first. After all, Blink 182 is an American band, and they started it all.&quot;

    That is a totally retarded statement. One of the most notorious punk bands that ever existed was The Clash. They changed punk forever. The whole punk style never would have existed without them. And they were British. Same with the Sex Pistols. There are plenty of punk bands out there that aren&#039;t US citizens. And it&#039;s a real jackass thing to say that only Americans can be punk.

    Being gay isn&#039;t a bad thing. What is so gay about all of these things you are against. You must be a very close-minded person.

    If you really are punk, tell me what it means.

    You are biggest poser I know. Learn some good music, asshole.


    wow, you dont even know who gbh is, do you? well its true, only americans can be punk, because im american and everyone has to do it my way because my way is right and everyone elses is wrong, and thats all there is to it. hope that makes sense. and being gay is wrong because gay means happy and punks arent supposed to be happy theyre supposed to be angry all the time. DUHHH. what planet are you from? planet STUPID?! why dont you fly your gay little rocket ship back there or better yet right into the sun because i dont have time for your whiny bullshit.

  • you reatard

    Lyndon Smith <spando16@hotmail.com>

    Mar 14, 2006 - Apparently you have no idea how to differentiate between punk and emo. Emo is not punk. Simple plan, bowling for soup and sum fucking 41 are emo, who whingwe and fucking moan about how girls dont like then and how daddy touched them when they were children (i.e, two years ago). I seriously hope this site is a fucking joke, cos anyone who puts NOFX and simple plan in the same catagory needs a fucking belting. Only reason I ended up on your bulllshit site was through a bizzare linkage, and I&#039;ve never seen such a retarded concept. &#039;how to be punk&#039;. you fuckwit. You&#039;ll fucking regret this once your balls drop and you look back on it.


    that wasnt very nice of you to write. im going to tell my mommy on you. by the way, who is NOFX? i only put them on my site because i saw a picture of them once, but ive never actually heard their music. is it any good? plz write back.

  • what a joke

    Ryan Treziok <warhorse_warhead007@hotmail.com>

    Mar 12, 2006 - I clicked on a link to your page. Bizzare linkage, it said. More like gayass white suburban kid linkage. I know, I know.. You&#039;re 15 and don&#039;t know shit about shit. Especially with your band names. What burned out child molestor told you AFI is punk? Even as a joke? Calling NOFX punk is far more sarcastic. That, cracked me up. Who&#039;s Avril anyways? I thought they were all just called Britney Spears?

    FYI, turdblossom:

    Just the sheer fact you have a website, makes you a fraud. I slept in peoples basements. I stole. I drank. I pissed. I passed out in mosh pits. I didn&#039;t shower for weeks on end. I fucked a hot blonde, who would have punched you in the throat if she knew you.. Judging by your &quot;website&quot;. Even if it was a joke. Notice I didn&#039;t call you a poser. I called you a fraud.

    Now go eat your captain crunch. Ya silly 15 yr old shoulda-been-a-coathanger. (ask your mom about that.)



    apparently stealing, pissing, and fucking hot blondes who punch 15 year olds in the throat didnt give you much common sense. i like getting emails like yours because it reminds me just how smart i am next to some other people. hey idiot, im listening to wasted youth (heard of them?), 19, alcoholic, and paying my own rent. if having a website makes me a fraud, then sign me up. at least i have a voice and a message for people who arent morons. thats the beauty of it, the message is completely lost on morons. at least im putting something out there that affects people, for better or worse, instead of bumming around doing absolutely shit with my life. thats nice you had a slumber party in your friend&#039;s basement once, and im sorry you cant hold your liquor and you passed out in the pit, but it doesnt mean shit to me. ive known people with plenty more fucked up experiences than that, and they dont go around telling everyone about it trying to prove that their life is worse than everyone else&#039;s. and im pretty sure my mom took that coathanger and shoved it up your mom&#039;s ass. later, dood.

  • pff

    Sara fernandez <sarafer_8bsb@yahoo.es>

    Feb 25, 2006 - Punk is not that.Punk is a rebellion.Punk is that you dont care about the things that others say about you.Punk is not going with always black clothes.Punk is your rules.Not follow others rules.You can go like you want.Punk is doing what you want, when is the moment.Punk is the knowledge of rebellion, yes, but is a limit.


    nuh uh

  • (no subject)

    megan jones <redneckfromhell_92@yahoo.com>

    Feb 19, 2006 - How could you say only posers lable themselves, when you are calling yourself punk? thats a label right there RETARD


    oh gee, i never thought about that, LOLZ!!