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    Apr 5, 2006 - What kind of website is this, too punk for me to understand? Ok first you say that punks do NOT wear tight jeans then you say that if you want to be a real punk to wear tight jeans. (Isn&#039;t that kind of Emo)


    omg lyke, isnt bitching and whining about my website kind of emo?

  • You&#039;re All Stupid

    Charlotte Bagshaw <female_foo_fighter@hotmail.co.uk>

    Mar 27, 2006 - Ladies, ladies...lets calm down.

    Clearly none of you have read &#039;England&#039;s Dreaming&#039;. Oh i forgot! It&#039;s not &#039;punk&#039; to be intelligent is it?

    Woopsie, my bad. Here it all is in short.

    As anyone who HAS read it will know, punk was formed in America. By bands such as MC5 and Iggy and the Stooges began it all in the late 60s. The world wasn&#039;t ready but band in the 70s pciked up on this stuff and followed it. These bands were the New York Dolls, The Ramones and Richard Hell.
    Then Malcolm Mclaren (soon to be Sex Pistols manager) came along, tried to manage the New York Dolls, which was pointless as they were all smackheads anyways.
    So he went back to Britain with the ideas of punk and formed the Sex Pistols, who went on to be fabulous but self-destructive. They were too obnoxious and wild to give any true ideas across.

    However bands such as The Clash got the true political messages out, with their Rock Against Racism shows and all. There was also The Buzzcocks (yay), Generaton X, The Pogues, The Damned, Jilted John etc.

    Then when the 80s hit, it went back to America with the hardcore scene. Bands such as 7 seconds, Black Flag, Minor Threat and (my fave) the Dead Kennedys. They all had strong political messages in their music. And then the early 90s had Riot Grrrl when the best bands in the world (to me) Bikini Kill, Hole, The Devotchkas, Babes In Toyland etc, produced some fucking awesome feminist punk.

    And now real punk has died. Died at the hands of &#039;MTV&#039; and the shitty little bands featured on your page. My mum is more punk than Sum 41! When will you guys learn! It&#039;s the attitude! The attitude that something can be created out of nothing. That small groups of individuals can change the world. That art can be anything. as for the fashion. It was done by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclarens shop, SEX (also called Let It Rock and Seditionaries). They produced bizarre outfits, rubbet fetish items. They invented the bondage trousers and the ripped look.
    The fashion was part of the attitude. It was simply to shock.

    I hope you&#039;ve all learned something today. I&#039;ve rather enjoyed writing this.

    By the way, I&#039;m 14. And a girl

    How does that make you feel, punk?


    feels great, thanks for the history lesson. unfortunately, i know all of it already. sorry, but punk started in 77. if you want to include all the music that LED UP to punk, then you could say that punk started with the dawn of mankind, beating on drums and shit. i dont buy it. dont get me wrong, some of those older bands (excluding the ramones of course, who blow nuts) are great, i just dont count them as punk.

    i completely disagree with you on mtv killing punk. punk killed itself by being overrun with a bunch of suburban fools who thought rebellyun was &quot;kewl&quot;, and in the proccess, mtv saw a marketing scheme and jumped at the opportunity. i would have done the same...exploited a bunch of idiot teenagers and gauge them for every cent their parents allow them to spend. i would have fucked them so hard their asses bled, and raked in the cash every step of the way. i would have swam in a pool of money every morning, soaked in ass blood from kids who have nothing better to do than spend their parents money.

    and fashion - who cares if its from a bunch of gluesniffing junkies or a corporate identity? its just fashion. i have to disagree with you on where most of it came from, but a large portion of punk fashion is from skinheads...suspenders, combat boots, shaved heads, etc. as far as leather jackets go, those have been around since the greasers. and who really wears bondage pants anyway? only the idiots who shop at hot topic, or the casualties band members.

    and whats with &quot;you guys&quot;? im the only guy writing for the site, im the owner, im the only one responding to hate mail, blah blah. its just me. and for the record, it is punk to be intelligent...because im both. i like how you completely missed the point of my site and gave me a bullshit lecture ive gotten from tons of other people who completely missed the point of my site. do you honestly think i would know all those bands on my site (crass, gbh, jfa, etc etc) if i didnt know what the hell i was talking about? youre a 14 year old girl...great, now i feel like an idiot for actually taking the time to write you this much...i missed the &quot;im 14&quot; part till now since its hard to take in everything you say when im falling asleep every 5 seconds reading this shit.

    well i hope youve learned something today...dont send people snotty emails if youre 14 and dont know what the hell youre talking about. by the way, in my guestbook you wrote &quot;And why the FUCK are there no female punk bands on here???&quot; to which i respond: because they all suck.

  • Hey

    Unknown Blood <return_ur_heart_2_darkness@hotmail.com>

    Mar 26, 2006 - &#039;logical PROOF (yes, PROOF in capitals) that labelling yourself punk makes you a poser:
    Only posers label themselves. Calling yourself a punk makes you a poser...just like calling yourself human makes you a creature that strikingly resembles a human being, but just can&#039;t get it right. The thing I&#039;m typing on WAS a keyboard until I called it a keyboard, now its a piece of plastic with buttons all over it. Shit, now it&#039;s not even that anymore...&#039;

    Awesome, I agree, everytime you label yourself it just makes you an ass, the site is awesome, the people with the hate mail need to get themselves a fucking life. If they hate the site so much then why in the hell do they take the time to repeatedly send you fucking hatemail? I&#039;m not punk..at least I don&#039;t think I am, infact I don&#039;t know what the fuck I am but just had to tell you how much the site rocks!
    Simple plan, blink 182..yup they rock! And shit why do people keep saying punk started in Britain, theres no way in hell those uptight poms could&#039;ve had better rock bands than America.
    See ya later


    ohhh sweet jesus, i didnt have the heart to respond to this one, it speaks for itself. thanks, &quot;Catheirne&quot;

  • british or american 4 punk

    sexy_brit <blank*lol@yahoo.com>

    Mar 20, 2006 - look u said dat punk is american! fuck that every1 knows its british! ye sure american punk bands rok but bands like the clash started the punk style! punk isnt about being an american redneck its about being a minority
    also u should find out about real punk bands not just write the name down


    wut the fuck r u talking abowt, punk started in amerika. your just angry because youre ugly and have no friends. maybe you should follow the advice on my site, luzer, people might not hate you so much. anyway, thanks for the email, i always appreciate hearing from stupid retard dumb faces like yourself.

  • Where are the Ramones?

    Ben Dover <underthefadedpopulation@hotmail.com>

    Mar 15, 2006 - The Ramones and The Clash started punk.
    Agreed they dont sound very punk but they are the ones that started it all.
    Simple plan though....They are a group of no talent dipshits with nothing better to do than whine about how much their millionare lifestyles suck.
    I have nothing against punk, im not punk, but simple plan are not punk.
    Blink 182 now thats punk, I think they got to much from Greenday though.
    One other thing your responses to hate mail tend to suck.
    Also i am aware the irony of saying im not punk and having the this e-mail adress. It is a couple of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs put together FUNK ROCK ALL THE WAY!!!


    the ramones? who are they? i dont think ive seen them on mtv. youre right about one thing though, blink 182 sure is punk. im sorry you dont like my hatemails, maybe you could do better. i will be giving away ownership of the site soon, so if you think you can do better, i encourage you to take over. i personally dont have enough time anymore, my earwax museum is just now starting to get a foothold in the local community, plus i just bought a plot of land in fiji where i will be breeding and raising dendropheliacs. as you can see i just dont have time anymore, which is why the hate mails have been sooo incredibly lame and not funny at all.